Brainy Groveland Books Read

as of December 16, 2017
1773 different books were read a total of 4706 times.
AuthorTitleTimes Read
Adler, C. S.That Horse Whiskey1
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen and the Green School Mystery6
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds2
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the UFO2
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen and the Sports Day Mysteries1
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery2
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: ...series1
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Chocolate Fudge Mystery7
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Ghostly Mystery1
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Mystery of Flight 54 (#12)1
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones #32
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Television Dog1
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Tennis Trophy Mystery #234
Adler, David A.Cam Jansen: The Triceratops Pops Mystery (#15)1
Alarcón, Karen BeaumontLouella May, She's Run Away!1
Alastir, K. A.One Funny Field Day! (Hello Math Reader! Level 3 Number Sense)2
Albee, SarahSpace Invaders! (Nickelodeon Rugrats)2
Alderton, David, Henrie, MarcCats (Eyewitness Handbooks)1
Alexander, FrancieAllowed duplicate: Let's go on a Museum Hunt1
Alexander, FrancieLet's Go on a Museum Hunt6
Alexander, HeatherCase of Camp Pom-Pom, The (New Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley)1
Alexander, HeatherSuper Switch! (Wizards of Waverly Place #8)1
AlikiFossils Tell of Long Ago1
Allard, HarryMiss Nelson is Missing1
Allen, DebbieDancing in the Wings1
Allen, EliseAnna's Icy Adventure (Disney Frozen) (Golden First Chapters)1
Allen, EliseDisney Frozen Anna's Icy Adventure1
Amato, MarySnarf Attack, Underfoodle, and the Secret of Life: The Riot Brothers Tell All1
Amato, MaryWord Eater, The1
American Girls Collection, TheChanges For Molly: A Winter Story1
American Girls Collection, TheFelicity Learns a Lesson1
American Girls Collection, TheHappy Birthday, Kirsten!1
American Girls Collection, TheMeet Addy1
American Girls Collection, TheMolly's Surprise2
Amos, JanineDiscovery Kids Lions, Tigers, Leopards and More1
Andersen, Hans ChristianLittle Match Girl, The1
Anderson, C. W.Blaze and the Forest Fire5
Angleberger, TomStrange Case of Origami Yoda, The1
Antle, NancyGood, Bad Cat1
Applegate, KatherineRoscoe Riley Rules #1: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs6
Applegate, KatherineRoscoe Riley Rules #6 Never Walk in Shoes That Talk1
Armitage, KimoLimu: The Blue Turtle1
Armitage, RondaHarry Hates Shopping2
Armstrong, JenniferSunshine, Moonshine1
Arnold, CarolinePrairie Dogs2
Arnold, CarolineSoccer From Neighborhood Play to the World Cup (First BooK)1
Arnold, MarshaQuick, Quack, Quick!1
Arnold, TeddHuggly Takes A Bath (The Monster Under the Bed)2
Arnold, TeddThere Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy4
Askani, TanjaFriend Like You, A1
Atwater, RichardMr. Popper's Penguins4
Averill, EstherFire Cat, The5
AviEreth's Birthday1
AviFinding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams1
Bader, BonnieFamily Reunion3
Baglio, Ben M.Bears in the Barn (Animal Ark Series #23)1
Baglio, Ben M.Chick Challenge1
Baglio, Ben M.Guinea Pig in the Garage (Animal Ark #19)1
Baglio, Ben M.Lamb in the Laundry1
Baglio, Ben M.Puppy Puzzle1
Baglio, Ben M.Stallion in the Storm (Animal Ark Hauntings #1)1
Baglio, Ben M.Tabby in the Tub1
Baglio, Ben M.Wolf at the Window (Animal Ark Hauntings #7)1
Bailey, DonnaDolphin's Home My World Level 21
Baker, AlanWhite Rabbit's Color Book2
Balaban, BobIt's a Dog's Life ( McGrowl # 2 )1
Balestrino, PhilipSkeleton Inside You, The2
Balian, LornaLeprechauns Never Lie1
Balkwill, RichardClothes & Crafts in Ancient Egypt1
Bancroft, CatherineFelix's Hat1
Banks, Lynne ReidIndian in the Cupboard, The4
Barkan, JoanneThat Fat Hat1
Barkin, CarolHappy Valentine's Day1
Barrett, JudiCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs3
Barrows, AnnieIvy & Bean (Book 1)4
Barrows, AnnieIvy & Bean Break the Fossil Record7
Barrows, Annie and Blackall, SophieIvy & Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go (Ivy & Bean, Book 2)3
Bauer, Marion DaneOn My Honor1
Baugher, Carolyn KingOh, Oh, That Crazy Flamingo1
Baum, Frank L.Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The2
Baum, L. FrankWizard of Oz, The2
Beames, MargaretNight Cat1
Beard, GeorgeSuper Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers3
Beard, George; Hutchins, Harold; Pilkey, DavAdventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future1
Becker, ShariMaxwell's Mountain1
Beechwood, BethFace the Music (Hannah Montana #9)1
Beecroft, SimonStar Wars Epic Battles1
Behrens, JuneWhale Watch!1
Beil, Karen MagnusonFire in Their Eyes: Wildfires and the People Who Fight Them1
Bell, ChrisProblem in the Palace, A18
Bemelmans, LudwigMadeline's Rescue1
Bendick, JeanneEureka! It's an Airplane2
Benjamin, CynthiaFootprints in the Snow1
Bentley, SueClassroom Chaos (Magic Kitten #2)1
Bentley, SueCloud Capers (Magic Puppy #3)1
Bentley, SueDouble Trouble (Magic Kitten #4)2
Bentley, SueMuddy Paws (Magic Puppy #2)1
Bentley, SueNew Beginning, A (Magic Puppy #1)1
Bentley, SueParty Dreams (Magic Puppy, #5)1
Bentley, SueSchool of Mischief (Magic Puppy #8)1
Bentley, SueStar of the Show (Magic Puppy #4)1
Bentley, SueSummer Spell, A (Magic Kitten #1)1
Bentley, SueTwirling Tails (Magic Puppy #7)1
Bently, PeterShark in the Dark1
Benton, MichaelDinosaurs (Simon & Schuster)1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBear Scouts, The1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBears on Wheels2
Berenstain, Stan & JanBears' Vacation, The4
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone, The2
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears and the Nerdy Nephew, The (Big Chapter Books(TM))1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears and the Wheelchair Commando, The (Big Chapter Books(TM))1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears on the Moon, The1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Play Ball, The1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Play T-Ball, The1
Berenstain, Stan & JanBerenstains' B Book, The (Bright & Early Books(R))1
Berenstain, Stan & JanInside, Outside, Upside Down1
Berenstain, Stan & JanOld Hat New Hat2
Bergen, LaraSophie The Awesome5
Bergen, LaraSophie the Chatterbox (Sophie #3)5
Berger, Melvin101 Freaky Animals3
Berger, MelvinGrowl!: A book about bears (Hello Reader!)4
Berger, MelvinShooting Stars1
Berger, Melvin & Gilda101 Animal Secrets1
Berger, Melvin & GildaFrogs Swallow with Their Eyes1
Berger, Melvin & GildaHowl! A Book About Wolves1
Berger, Melvin and GildaWhy Do Wolves Howl? Questions and Answers about Wolves1
Berk, SherylDance Divas: Showtime!1
Bernard, RobinPenguins Through the Year (Super-Science Readers)2
Berne, Emma CarlsonMiley Cyrus (Junk Food: Tasty Celebrity Bios)2
Betancourt, JeanneFourth Pony Pal, The (Pony Pals Super Special, #4)1
Betancourt, JeanneGirl Who Hated Ponies, The (Pony Pals #13)1
Betancourt, JeanneI Want a Pony1
Betancourt, JeannePony Mysteries #1: Penny & Pepper (Scholastic Reader Level 3)14
Betancourt, JeanneTen True Animal Rescues4
Betancourt, JeanneToo Many Ponies (Pony Pals #6)1
Betz, AdrienneI Will Win!1
Birney, BettySurprises According to Humphrey1
Birney, BettyWorld According to Humphrey, The3
Bishop, NicSpiders2
Black, Holly & DiTerlizzi, TonyIronwood Tree, The (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 4)5
Black, SoniaLet's Read About . . . Abraham Lincoln2
Blade, AdamFerno The Fire Dragon (Beast Quest)2
Blade, AdamSepron The Sea Serpent (Beast Quest, Book 2)3
Blevins, WileyAllowed duplicate 2: Once Upon a Hill1
Blevins, WileyAllowed duplicate: Once Upon a Hill1
Blevins, WileyOnce Upon a Hill - An Appalachian Tale5
Blevins, WileyOnce Upon a Hill - An Appalachian Tale - allowed repeat1
Bloom, RonnyJustin Bieber (Get the Scoop)1
Blume, JudyCool Zone with the Pain and the Great One1
Blume, JudyDouble Fudge1
Blume, JudyFreckle Juice1
Blume, JudyOne in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, The5
Blume, JudyOtherwise Known As Sheila the Great2
Blume, JudyPain and the Great One, The1
Blume, JudySuperfudge6
Blume, JudyTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing2
Boegehold, BettyHere's Pippa1
Bogan, PauletteGoodnight Lulu1
Bolognese, Elaine and DonSleepy Watchdogs, The1
Bolton, FayeGrowing Radishes and Carrots1
Bond, MichaelPaddington1
Bonners, SusanSilver Balloon, The1
Bonsall, CrosbyTell Me Some More3
Bottner, Barbara & Brunkus, DeniseMarsha Makes Me Sick1
Boudart, JenniferBaby otter: At home in the Bay1
Bourgeois, PauletteFranklin In The Dark1
Bowen, FredGolden Glove, The (AllStar SportStory Series)1
Bowen, FredKid Coach, The1
Bradbury, RayHalloween Tree, The1
Bradley, KimberlyWeaver's Daughter2
Brailler, MaxTales from the Land of Ooo (Adventure Time)1
Brandenberg, FranzNo School Today1
Brenner, BarbaraLucky Dog1
Brenner, BarbaraWhere's That Reptile?: Hide and Seek Science4
Brenner, MarthaAbe Lincoln's Hat5
Brett, JanFirst Dog, The2
Brett, JanHat, The1
Bridge, Linda McCarterCats: Little Tigers in Your House1
Bridges, RubyRuby Bridges Goes To School: My True Story12
Bridwell, NormanClifford and the Big Parade1
Bridwell, NormanClifford Follows His Nose1
Bridwell, NormanClifford Goes to Hollywood2
Bridwell, NormanClifford Takes a Trip1
Bridwell, NormanClifford the Firehouse Dog3
Bridwell, NormanClifford the Small Red Puppy1
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Birthday Party1
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Christmas3
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Day with Dad1
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Family1
Bridwell, NormanClifford's First Halloween4
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Good Deeds1
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Thanksgiving Visit1
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Tricks1
Bridwell, NormanWitch Goes to School, The1
Brimar101 Dalmations (Disney's All-time Classics)3
BrimarAristocats, The (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimarBambi (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimarDumbo (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimarLady and the Tramp (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimarLion King, The (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimarLittle Mermaid, The (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimarPocahontas (Disney's All-time Classics)1
BrimaxI Can Read Stories1
Brooke, LaurenThicker Than Water (Heartland #8)1
Brooke, SamanthaRapunzel (Littlest Pet Shop)1
Brooker, GregoryAdventures of Stuart Little, The (animated movie adaptation)1
Brooks, RileyJustin Bieber: His World1
Brothers GrimmSnow-White and Rose-Red1
Brown, JeffFlat Stanley5
Brown, JeffFlat Stanley His Original Adventure6
Brown, JeffInvisible Stanley1
Brown, JeffStanley and the Magic Lamp2
Brown, JeffStanley in Space (Flat Stanley)5
Brown, Jeff & Pamintuan, MackyFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #3: The Japanese Ninja Surprise3
Brown, MarcArthur Babysits1
Brown, MarcArthur in a Pickle3
Brown, MarcArthur Meets the President1
Brown, MarcArthur Writes a Story: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series)1
Brown, MarcArthur's Baby2
Brown, MarcArthur's Birthday3
Brown, MarcArthur's Family Vacation1
Brown, MarcArthur's Halloween1
Brown, MarcArthur's Lost Puppy2
Brown, MarcArthur's New Puppy1
Brown, MarcArthur's Valentine1
Brown, MarcGlasses for D.W. (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)1
Brown, MarcWings on Things3
Brown, Margaret WiseRunaway Bunny, The1
Brownrigg, SheriAll Tutus Should Be Pink2
Bruel, NickBad Kitty1
Bruel, NickBad Kitty for President5
Bruel, NickBad Kitty Gets a Bath14
Bruel, NickBad Kitty Meets the Baby4
Bruel, NickBad Kitty vs Uncle Murray20
Bruel, NickHappy Birthday, Bad Kitty12
Brusha, JoeTop 10 Deadliest Sharks (Discovery Channel GN)4
Brust, Beth WagnerKangaroos (Zoobooks Series)1
Buckingham, MattPeek-a-boo Penguins1
Buckley Jr., JamesPlay Ball!: The Official Major League Baseball Guide for Young Players1
Bulla, Clyde RobertChalk Box Kid, The1
Buller, Laura & Simkins, KateStar Wars Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away2
Bunting, EveButterfly House1
Bunting, EveIn-Between Days, The1
Bunting, EveWhales Passing1
Burgess, Beverly CappsThree Bears in the Ministry, The1
Burnett, Frances HodgsonLittle Princess, A3
Burns, MarilynGreedy Triangle, The1
Burton, Virginia LeeLittle House, The1
Butler, Dori HillestadCase of the Library Monster, The (The Buddy Files: Book 5)1
Butler, M. ChristinaOne Winter's Day1
Byars, BetsyGolly Sisters Go West1
Byars, BetsyHooray for the Golly sisters!1
Byars, BetsyTornado2
Byars, Betsy & McPhail, DavidLittle Horse2
Byars, Betsy & McPhail, DavidLittle Horse on His Own1
Calmenson, StephanieFrog Principal, The1
Canizares, SusanWhere Do Insects Live?1
Capeci, AnneElectric Storm (Magic School Bus Chapter Books, No. 14)2
Capeci, AnneGiant Germ, The (Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book #6:)1
Capeci, AnneMagic School Bus Has a Heart, The2
Capeci, AnneMagic School Bus: Insect Invaders (Chapter Book #11)2
Capstone/ScholasticDirt Bikes1
Capucilli, Alyssa SatinBiscuit1
Capucilli, Alyssa SatinBiscuit Goes to School (My First I Can Read)1
Capucilli, Alyssa SatinBiscuit Visits the Big City1
Capucilli, Alyssa SatinBiscuit's Day at the Farm (My First I Can Read)1
Carle, EricGrouchy Ladybug, The1
Carle, EricTiny Seed, The1
Carle, EricVery Hungry Catapillar1
Carlstrom, Nancy White & Degen, BruceJesse Bear, What Will You Wear1
Carman, PatrickSaving Mr Nibbles (Elliot's Park)2
Carmi, RebeccaExpedition Down Under (The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #10)3
Carmi, Rebecca and Speirs, JohnAmazing Magnetism (Magic School Bus Chapter Book)1
Carney, ElizabethDog Finds Lost Dolphins: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes (National Geographic Kids Chapters)1
Carney, ElizabethFrogs! (National Geographic Readers)1
Carris, JoanWelcome to the Bed and Biscuit1
Casanova, MaryStealing Thunder1
Cassity, JohnKlutz Book of Brilliantly Ridiculous Inventions, The1
Catling, Patrick SkeneChocolate Touch1
Chapman, LindaUnicorn School1
Chardiet, BerniceBest Teacher in the World, The1
Chardiet, BerniceMonkeys and the Water Monster and Two More Monkey Stories1
Chardiet, BerniceSnowball War, The1
Chardiet, M.Martin and the Teacher's Pets2
Charlesworth, LizaNo-Good, Rotten, Run-on Sentence, The1
Chess, VictoriaTeeny Tiny Tingly Tales1
Child, LaurenI am Too Absolutely Small for School1
Child, LaurenI Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato (Charlie and Lola)2
Choi, Sook NyulBest Older Sister, The2
Christelow, EileenJerome Camps Out1
Christian, Mary BlountGo West, Swamp Monsters3
Christopher, MattOn the Court with Michael Jordan1
Christopher, MattSkateboard Tough1
Christopher, MattSpy on Third Base, The1
Clark, Ann NolanTia Maria's Garden1
Clarke, Ginjer L.Freak Out!: Animals Beyond Your Wildest Imagination1
Clarkson, Jan NagelTricks Animals Play1
Claybourne, Anna100 Most Dangerous Things On The Planet1
Claybourne, Anna, Daynes, McNeeTitanic (Usborne Young Reading)1
Cleary, BeverlyEmily's Runaway Imagination2
Cleary, BeverlyMouse and the Motorcycle, The2
Cleary, BeverlyMuggie Maggie1
Cleary, BeverlyRalph S. Mouse2
Cleary, BeverlyRamona and Her Father1
Cleary, BeverlyRamona Forever1
Cleary, BeverlyRamona Quimby: Age 81
Cleary, BeverlyRamona the Pest1
Cleary, BeverlyRamona's World1
Cleary, BeverlyRunaway Ralph3
Cleary, BeverlySocks3
Clements, AndrewWe the Children (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School)1
Clifford, EthNever Hit a Ghost with a Baseball Bat1
Clymer, Theodor & Venezky, Richard LInside My Hat1
Coatsworth, ElizabethCat Who Went to Heaven, The1
Cody Kimmel, ElizabethBoxtrolls, The1
Coerr, EleanorBig Balloon Race, The1
Coerr, EleanorChang's Paper Pony16
Coerr, EleanorJosephina Story Quilt, The1
Coerr, EleanorSadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes1
Cohen, BarbaraMolly's Pilgrim8
Cohen, DanielGreat Ghosts1
Cohen, MiriamJim's Dog Muffins1
Cohen, MiriamLiar, Liar, Pants on Fire1
Cohen, MiriamNo Good in Art1
Cohen, MiriamSecond Grade Friends - Again!1
Cohen, MiriamWhen Will I Read?2
Cole, JoannaAllowed duplicate: Hungry Hungry Sharks1
Cole, JoannaCuts, breaks, bruises, and burns: How your body heals1
Cole, JoannaHungry Hungry Sharks2
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus and the Missing Tooth, The3
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus Explores the World of Animals1
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus Inside the Earth2
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus Lost in the Solar System1
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus on the Ocean Floor2
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus Plants Seeds1
Cole, JoannaMagic School Bus Search for the Missing Bones1
Cole, JoannaMy Puppy is Born1
Cole, JoannaWild Whale Watch, The (Magic School Bus Chapter Book #3)2
Cole, WilliamOh What Nonsense!1
Colfer, ChrisLand of Stories, The Wishing Spell, The1
Colfer, EoinLegend of Spud Murphy, The1
Collins, SuzanneCatching Fire (Hunger Games #2)1
Cooper, HelenPumpkin Soup1
Cooper, IleneAbsolutely Lucy3
Cooper, JasonAirplanes (Traveling Machines)1
Cooper, JasonTrucks (Traveling Machines)1
Cooper, SusanBoggart, The2
Cooper, SusanMagician's Boy, The1
Cooper, WadePolar Animals (Scholastic Reader Level 1)2
Cooper, WadeStarry, Starry Night Scholastic Reader Level 22
Cornford, LouisaAnimal A-Z (For Kids Who Really Love Animals) [SMART KIDS ANIMAL A Z]1
Corse, NicolePet Heroes (Scholastic Reader Level 3)11
Cosby, BillDay I Saw My Father Cry, The (Little Bill #12)1
Cosby, BillMeanest Thing to Say, The1
Cosgrove, StephenBye-bye Bunny2
Cosgrove, StephenGrumpling, The2
Coville, BruceAliens Ate My Homework5
Coville, BruceDragon of Doom, The (Moongobble and Me)2
Coville, BruceEvil Elves, The (Moongobble and Me)1
Coville, BruceWeeping Werewolf, The (Moongobble and Me)1
Cowan, CatherineMy Life with the Wave1
Cowell, CressidaHow to Be a Pirate (How to Train Your Dragon, Book 2)1
Cowell, CressidaHow to Train Your Dragon (Book 1)1
Cowley, JoyGreedy Cat and the Birthday Cake1
Cowley, JoyLost and Found1
Cowley, JoyMrs. Muddle Mud-Puddle1
Cowley, Joy & Bishop, NicRed-Eyed Tree Frog3
Cox, JudyCool Cat, School Cat1
Craig, JanetTurtles1
Craig, JanetWhat's It Like to Be a Newspaper Reporter (Young Careers)1
Crisp, MartyBuzzard Breath1
Cristaldi, KathrynBaseball Ballerina1
Cristaldi, KathrynEven Steven and Odd Todd1
Cronin, DoreenTrouble with Chickens, The: A J.J. Tully Mystery1
Cronin, Doreen & Lewin, BetsyDuck for President1
Crow, Sandra LeeWonderful World of Seals and Whales, The3
Crowne, AlyssaGreen Princess Saves The Day (Perfectly Princess)2
Cummings, TroyAttack of the Shadow Smashers (Notebook of Doom #3)3
Curran, EileenMountains and Volcanoes1
Cushman, DougCamp Big Paw1
Cutts, DavidGingerbread Boy, The1
Czernecki, StephanSinging Snake, The1
D'Lacey, ChrisFire Star (Last Dragon Chronicles)1
D'Lacey, ChrisFire Within2
Dadey, DebbieAliens Don't Wear Braces2
Dadey, DebbieAngels Don't Know Karate1
Dadey, DebbieCupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgers6
Dadey, DebbieFrankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias3
Dadey, DebbieGenies Don't Ride Bicycles3
Dadey, DebbieGhosts Don't Eat Potato Chips1
Dadey, DebbieGhouls Don't Scoop Ice Cream1
Dadey, DebbieLeprechauns Don't Play Basketball2
Dadey, DebbiePirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses2
Dadey, DebbieSanta Claus Doesn't Moop Floors1
Dadey, DebbieSea Serpents Don't Juggle Water Balloons (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #46)2
Dadey, DebbieUnicorns Don't Give Sleigh Rides2
Dadey, DebbieVampires Do Hunt Marshmallow Bunnies (Bailey School Kids Jr. Chapter Book, #7)10
Dadey, DebbieVampires Don't Wear Polkadots1
Dadey, DebbieWerewolves Don't go to Summer Camp1
Dadey, DebbieWitches Don't Do Backflips1
Dadey, Debbie & Jones, Marcia T.Abominable Snowman Doesn't Roast Marshmallows, The (The Bailey School Kids #50)1
Dadey, Debbie & Jones, Marcia T.Bogeymen Don't Play Football (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #27)1
Dadey, Debbie & Jones, Marcia T.Frankenstein Doesn't Start Food Fights (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #47)1
Dadey, Debbie & Jones, Marcia T.Mrs. Jeepers is Missing! (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids)1
Dadey, Debbie & Jones, Marcia T.Mrs. Jeepers' Scariest Halloween Ever (The Bailey School Kids Super Special #7)1
Dahl , RoaldCharlie and the Chocolate Factory1
Dahl , RoaldEnormous Crocodile, The4
Dahl , RoaldFantastic Mr. Fox2
Dahl , RoaldMatilda1
Dale, JennyBob the Bouncy Kitten1
Dale, JennyBramble and Berry1
Dale, JennyFelix the Fluffy Kitten3
Dale, JennyHattie and Henry2
Dale, JennyLucy the Lonely Kitten1
Dale, JennyPatch the Perfect Kitten (Kitten Friends #6)1
Dalgliesh, AliceBears on Hemlock Mountain, The1
Dalgliesh, AliceCourage of Sarah Noble, The1
Dalmatian PressDinosaurs and Creatures of the Cretaceous2
Daly, Kathleen N.Home is Best Book, The1
Damon, LauraSecret Valentine1
Danziger, PaulaAmber Brown Goes Fourth1
Danziger, PaulaAmber Brown is not a Crayon1
Danziger, PaulaAmber Brown Sees Red1
Danziger, PaulaI, Amber Brown1
Danziger, PaulaYou Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown1
Danziger, Paula & Ross, TonySecond Grade Rules, Amber Brown (A Is for Amber)1
Danzinger, PaulaGet Ready For Second Grade, Amber Brown3
Darling, KathyRain Forest Babies (Houghton Mifflin)1
Daugherty, JamesAndy and the Lion2
Davidson, MargaretFive True Horse Stories1
Davidson, MargaretNine True Dolphin Stories7
Davidson, MargaretStory of Thomas Alva Edison, The1
Davis, E. K.Animal homes (A First little golden book)1
Davis, JimBeware! Rooster at Work1
Dean, James and Dean, KimberlyPete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is Cool1
deGroat, DianeRoses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink2
Dempsey, Michael W.Prehistoric Animals (Starting Point Library)1
Demuth, Patricia BrennanAchoo! All about Colds2
dePaola, TomieBubble Factory, The1
dePaola, TomieCloud Book, The1
DePaola, TomieHey diddle diddle & other mother goose rhymes1
dePaola, TomieLegend of the Indian Paintbrush1
dePaola, TomieWatch Out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup1
Depken, Kristen L.Ballet Dreams (Barbie in the Pink Shoes)1
Di Terlizzi, Tony and Black, HollyBeyond the Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1 The Nixie's Song1
DiCamillo, KateBecause of Winn-Dixie4
DiCamillo, KateMiraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The1
DiCamillo, KateTale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread, The3
DiCamillo, KateTiger Rising, The1
Dickens, CharlesChristmas Carol, A1
Dickens, CharlesOliver Twist (Junior Classics for Young Readers)1
Dieterich, AliceTony Hawk and Andy MacDonald: Ride to the Top (All Aboard Reading)1
DisneyBeauty and the Beast (Disney)2
DisneyFriend for Merida, A (Disney/Pixar Brave)1
DisneyMother's Love, A (Disney/Pixar Brave)1
DisneyWalt Disney's Story of Alice in Wonderland, with Songs From the Film1
Disney / Leap FrogPrincess and the Frog: Tiana's New Dream, The (Leap Frog TAG Reading System)1
Disney / Thorpe, KikiTinker Bell: Two Magical Tales; The Trouble with Tink1
Disney EnterprisesBambi (Disney's Magical World of Reading)1
Disney, WaltWalt Disney's Peter Pan in Tinker Bell and the Pirates (Big Little Golden Books)1
DiTerlizzi, Tony & Black, HollyLucinda's Secret (Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 3)3
DiTerlizzi, Tony & Black, HollyNixie's Song, The (Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1)1
DiTerlizzi, Tony & Black, HollySeeing Stone, The (Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 2)4
DiTerlizzi, Tony & Black, HollySpiderwick Chronicles, The (Book 1, The Field Guide)13
DiTerlizzi, Tony & Black, HollyWrath of Mulgarath, The (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 5)3
Dixon, Franklin W.Hunting for Hidden Gold (Hardy Boys, Book 5)1
Dixon, Franklin W.Tower Treasure, The (The Hardy Boys No. 1)1
DK PublishingFirst Reference to the Scientific World, A1
Donnelly, JudyTut's Mummy: Lost and Found1
Donovan, Gail OR Pfister, MarcusReady, Set, Swim! (Rainbow Fish & Friends)1
Dorris, MichaelMorning Girl1
Dower, LauraMonster Squad The Slime That Would Not Die1
Doyle, RoddyGiggler Treatment, The1
Dr. SeussButter Battle Book, The1
Dr. SeussCat in the Hat Comes Back, The5
Dr. SeussCat in the Hat, The16
Dr. SeussDr. Seuss's ABC1
Dr. SeussFoot Book, The3
Dr. SeussFox in Socks5
Dr. SeussGerald McBoing Boing1
Dr. SeussGreen Eggs & Ham8
Dr. SeussHop on Pop3
Dr. SeussHorton Hears a Who1
Dr. SeussI Am Not Going to Get up Today!1
Dr. SeussLorax, The1
Dr. SeussMr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?4
Dr. SeussOn Beyond Zebra1
Dr. SeussOne Fish, Two Fish, Red..5
Dr. SeussScrambled Eggs Super!1
Dr. SeussShape of Me and Other Stuff, The1
Dr. SeussTooth Book, The1
Dr. SeussWhat Was I Scared Of?1
Dr. SeussYertle the Turtle and Other Stories1
Dr. Seuss (Theo. LeSieg)I Wish that I had Duck Feet1
Drachman, EricLeo the Lightning Bug1
Driscoll, LauraBravest Cat!, The5
Driscoll, LauraVidia and the Fairy Crown (Disney Fairies)1
Dubowski, MarkTitanic: The Disaster That Shocked the World! (DK Readers)7
Dubowski, Mark and Cathy EastHorse Named Seabiscuit, A (All Aboard Reading)1
Dudley, CherylRescued by a Horse: True Stories of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing1
Duey, KathleenMoonsilver (The Unicorn's Secret books)1
Duey, KathleenUnicorn's Secret, The Silver Thread, The1
Duffey, BetsyCamp Knock Knock6
Duffey, BetsyMath Wiz, The8
Duncan, LoisWonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher1
Durant, Alan & Parker, AntSnake Supper2
Dussling, JenniferSlinky Scaly Snakes (DK Readers Level 2)4
Earhart, KristinFancy (Stablemates)1
Earhart, KristinHappy Go Lucky (Big Apple Barn)3
Earhart, KristinRoscoe And The Pony Parade (Big Apple Barn)1
Eastman, P. D., Lopshire, etc.Big Blue Book of Beginner Books, The1
Eastman, Philip D.Are You My Mother?3
Eastman, Philip D.Best Nest2
Eastman, Philip D.Go, Dog, Go3
Eastman, Philip D.Sam and the Firefly4
Edwards, NicholasSanta Paws (Santa Paws #1)3
Edwards, NicholasSanta Paws and the New Puppy (Santa Paws No 6)1
Edwards, RobertaWho was George Washington?1
Egan, KateMagic School Bus Fights Germs, The4
Ehlert, LoisRed Leaf, Yellow Leaf1
Ellis, MelvinFlight of the White Wolf1
Else Holmelund Minarik & Maurice SendakLittle Bear Treasury, The2
Engel, NatalieMarley & Me: Meet Marley (I Can Read Book 1)2
Estes, EleanorGinger Pye1
Falconer, IanOlivia and the Missing Toy1
Falligant, ErinQuick Change (Innerstar University)1
Farber, EricaShowdown at the Arcade (Mercer Mayer's LC + The Critter Kids)1
Farber, EricaWerewolves for Lunch (Critters of the Night, Book 1)1
Farley, WalterLittle Black, A Pony2
Farshtey, GregKai, Ninja of Fire (LEGO Ninjago Chapter Book)1
Farshtey, GregLego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu (Zane: Ninja of Ice and Kai: Ninja of Fire [Flipbook - 2 Stories in One])1
Farshtey, GregMasters of Spinjitzu, LEGO Ninjago Reader #21
Farshtey, GregMetru Nui: City of Legends (Bionicle)1
Faulkner, KeithAmazing 3D Bugs1
Fear, SharonDavy Crockett and the Wild Cat1
Fear, SharonWhat's New at the Zoo1
Feiffer, JulesDaddy Mountain, The1
Feldman, TheaDon't Wake the Puppies!: A Counting Book1
Ferry, StevenFranklin Pierce1
Flack, MarjorieStory About Ping, The1
Fleischman, SidMcBroom Tells a Lie2
Fleischman, SidWhipping Boy2
Fletcher, SteffiTom & Jerry's Party1
Floyd, LucyDo Animals Live in Plants?1
Fontes, JustineBarbie And The Fashion Fairytale (aka Barbie and the Fashion Fairytale) (Junior Novelization (Scholastic))1
Ford, B. G.Don't Forget the Oatmeal! : A Word Book (The Sesame Street Book Club)1
Ford, BarbaraCreature in Crestwood Park1
Fox, MemTough Boris1
Fradin, Dennis BrindellLincoln's Birthday (Best Holiday Books)1
Freeman, DonCorduroy1
Freeman, DonEarl the Squirrel1
Fritz, JeanDouble Life of Pocahontas, The1
Fritz, JeanGeorge Washington's Breakfast1
Fritz, JeanGeorge Washington's Mother1
Fritz, JeanJust a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln1
Fross, KittyBlue's Perfect Present (Nick Jr. Book Club) (Blue's clues)1
Funke, CorneliaDragon Rider1
Galbraith, Kathryn O.Two Bunny Buddies3
Galdone, PaulMonkey and the Crocodile, The: A Jataka Tale from India1
Galdone, PaulThree Bears1
Gannett, RuthMy Father's Dragon1
Gans, RomaDanger - Icebergs!1
Gardiner, John ReynoldsStone Fox5
Garland, MichaelMiss Smith's Incredible Storybook1
Gauch, Patricia LeeThunder At Gettysburg1
Gault, Frank & ClareHome Run Kings, The: Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron (Scholastic Biography)1
Gelsey, JamesScooby Doo and the Spooky Strikeout1
Gergely, TiborGreat Big Fire Engine Book, The1
Geringer, LauraStubborn Pumpkin, The2
Gerstein, MordecaiWild Boy, The1
Gibbons, GailHalloween2
Giblin, James CrossGeorge Washington: A Picture Book Biography1
Giff, Patricia / DellSay Cheese1
Giff, Patricia / DellValentine Star, The2
Giff, Patricia ReillyKidnap At The Catfish Cafe (Adventures of Minnie and Max)1
Gipson, FredOld Yeller1
Goble, PaulGirl Who Loved Wild Horses, The1
Goldish, MeishSpring Pops Up1
Goldman, DaraThree Little Pigs, The1
Goodman, Susan & Dolittle, MichaelMonster Trucks! (Step into Reading Step 3)14
Gordon, Jeffie RossHide and Shriek: Riddles About Ghosts and Goblins1
Gordon, MariaDogs Can't Read2
Gordon, MariaMice Can't Write1
Gordon, SharonSurprise Party1
Grace, N. B.High School Musical: Stories from East High #1: Battle of the Bands1
Graff, Stewart & PollyHelen Keller: Crusader for the Blind and Deaf1
Grahame, Kenneth/ BantamWind in the Willows1
Green, DanAstronomy: Out of this World! (Basher Science)1
Green, JenBrain & Senses (Your Body and Health)1
Green, MonaHow the Animals Got their Tails1
Green, SusanThree Little Pigs, The2
Green, SylviaChristmas Pony, The8
Greene, ConstanceGirl Called Al, A1
Greenhut, JoshFlat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #6: The African Safari Discovery7
Gregory, KristianaSecret of Robber's Cave, The (Cabin Creek Mysteries #1)1
Greive, Bradley TrevorFriends to the End for Kids: The True Value of Friendship1
Grimm, Jacob & Grimm, Wilhelm & Mahan, BenLittle Red Riding Hood1
Grogan, JohnMarley's Big Adventure (I Can Read Book 2)9
Grogan, John & Cowdrey, Richard / Hill, SusanSnow Dog Marley (I Can Read Book 2)9
Grooms, MollyWe are Wolves1
Gross, Ruth BelovAbraham Lincoln1
Grossman, BillMy Little Sister Ate One Hare (Dragonfly Books)1
Gruelle, JohnnyRaggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees1
Guarino, DeborahIs Your Mama a Llama?2
Guiberson, Brenda Z.Cactus Hotel2
Guiberson, Brenda Z.Sharks2
Gunn, James and Perlman, NicoleGuardians of the Galaxy Junior Level1
Guthrie, DonnaWitch has an Itch1
Gutman, DanMiss Child Has Gone Wild! (My Weirder School, Book 1)6
Gutman, DanMiss Daisy Is Crazy! (My Weird School #1)4
Gutman, DanMiss Mary Is Scary! (My Weird School Daze #10)1
Gutman, DanMiss Small is off the Wall! (My Weird School #5)6
Gutman, DanMr. Klutz is Nuts! (My Weird School #2)6
Gutman, DanMrs. Patty is Batty (My Weird School, #13)2
Gutman, DanMrs. Roopy Is Loopy! (My Weird School #3)2
Gutman, DanMs. Hannah is Bananas (My Weird School #4)7
Gutman, DanThey Came from Center Field4
Gutman, Dan and Paillot, JimMrs. Cooney is Loony! (My Weird School series)3
Hale, ShannonEver After High: The Storybook of Legends1
Haley, Gail.E.Story, a Story, A:African TAle1
Hall, KatyKitty Riddles1
Hammond, PaulaAtlas of the World's Strangest Animals2
Hansen, Rosanna & Snyder, JoelBones: All Kinds of Hands, All Kinds of Feet1
Hapka, CatherineCharlotte's Web: New in the Barn2
Hapka, CatherinePony Scouts: Back in the Saddle (I Can Read Book 2)6
Harness, CherylGhosts of the White House1
Harper, BenjaminStar Wars: Feel the Force! (DK READERS)1
Harrison, Paul3-D Thrillers! Space & The Wonders of the Solar System2
Harrison, PaulNight of the Zombie Goldfish (Dr Roachs Monstrous Stories)3
Hart, AlisonBell's Star (Horse Diaries #2)1
Hautzig, DeborahLittle Princess, A (All Aboard Reading, Level 3)1
Hautzig, DeborahLittle Witch's Big Night2
Hautzig, DeborahNutcracker Ballet, The2
Hayes, SarahTrue Story of Humpty Dumpty, The2
Heiligman, DeborahEarthquakes: Scholastic Science Readers6
Henkes, KevinKitten's First Full Moon1
Henkes, KevinLilly's Purple Plastic Purse2
Henry, MargueriteKing of the Wind1
Henry, MargueriteMisty of Chincoteague3
Henry, MargueriteStormy, Misty's Foal1
Herbst, DanSports Illustrated: Soccer1
Herman, GailAllowed duplicate 2: Haunted Halloween Party (Scooby-Doo Reader)1
Herman, GailAllowed duplicate 3: Haunted Halloween Party, The (Scooby-Doo!)1
Herman, GailAllowed duplicate 4: Haunted Halloween Party, The1
Herman, GailAllowed duplicate: Fall Fright1
Herman, GailAllowed duplicate: Haunted Halloween Party (Scooby-Doo Reader)1
Herman, GailDulcie's Taste of Magic (Disney Fairies)1
Herman, GailFall Fright (Scooby Doo! Readers)7
Herman, GailHaunted Halloween Party (Scooby-Doo Reader)1
Herman, GailHaunted Road Trip, The (Scooby-Doo Reader)2
Herman, GailHowling At The Playground (Scooby-Doo Reader)1
Herman, GailLion and the Mouse1
Herman, R. A.Littlest Pumpkin, The2
Herman, Ronnie Ann A.Pal the Pony; Pal and Sal's New Friend1
Hermes, Patricia & Gurney, John StevenMy Secret Valentine1
Hesse, KarenLavender (A Redfeather Book)3
Hesse, KarenOut of the Dust1
Hest, AmyYou Can Do It, Sam1
Hilton, SamanthaBig Cats and Amazing Jungle Animals4
Hilton, SamanthaSnakes and Other Extraordinary Reptiles (3-D Thrillers)2
Himmelman, JohnI'm Not Scared!: A Book of Scary Poems1
Hinton, S. E.Puppy Sister, The1
Hirano, Yoko Mia, and otherBag of Tricks: Folk Tales from Around the World, A4
Hirano, Yoko Mia, and otherBag of Tricks: Folk Tales from Around the World, A (allowed repeat 2)1
Hirano, Yoko Mia, and otherBag of Tricks: Folk Tales from Around the World, A (allowed repeat)1
Hirschmann, KrisOwls, Bats, Wolves and Other Nocturnal Animals10
Hirschmann, KrisRocks and Minerals1
Hoban, LillianArthur's Camp-Out1
Hoban, RussellBargain For Francis5
Hoban, RussellBread and Jam for Francis2
Hobbie, HollyToot & Puddle: A Present for Toot2
Hoff, SydBernard On His Own1
Hoff, SydCaptain Cat1
Hoff, SydDanny and the Dinosaur2
Hoff, SydGrizzwold1
Hoff, SydHappy Birthday, Danny & the Dinosaur1
Hoff, SydLittlest Leaguer, The4
Hoff, SydSammy the Seal7
Hoff, SydStanley1
Hoff, SydWalpole4
Hoff, SydWho Will Be My Friends?2
Hoffman, AliceAquamarine1
Hoffman, E. T. A.Nutcracker, The1
Hollander, CassJackson's Contraptions5
Holman Christian Standard BibleFind it Here New Testament1
Holter, JamesDirt Bike Racers1
Holub, JoanWhy Do Snakes Hiss?: And Other Questions About Snakes, Lizards, and Turtles (Easy-to-Read, Puffin)1
Homzie, HillaryAlien Clones From Outer Space: Food Fight!2
Honeycutt, NatalieJuliet Fisher and the Foolproof Plan1
Hoose, Phillip & HannahHey, Little Ant2
Hopkins, Lee BennettMore Surprises1
Hopping, LorraineWild Weather Hurricanes7
Houghton MifflinHoughton Mifflin Literary Readers (allowed repeat 2)1
Houghton MifflinHoughton Mifflin Literary Readers (allowed repeat)1
Houghton MifflinHoughton Mifflin Literary Readers Book 11
Houghton MifflinJourney of the Pilgrims (in Reading California)1
Houran, Lori Haskins & Brown, JeffFlat Stanley and the Haunted House (I Can Read Book 2)4
Housman, LaurenceRocking-Horse Land1
Howe, Deborah & JamesTeddy Bear's Scrapbook1
Howe, JamesBunnicula1
Howe, JamesBunnicula Strikes Again!1
Howe, JamesBunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery1
Howe, JamesPinky and Rex Get Married2
Howe, JamesVampire Bunny, The (Bunnicula and Friends; Ready-to-Read)2
Howell, LauraAnimal World1
Hubbell, PatriciaPig Picnic (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1)2
Hudson, WadeFive Brave Explorers1
Huelin, JodiCountdown to Valentine's Day1
Hughes, FrancineLittle Princess, A1
Hughes, SusanBunnies in Trouble (Wild Paws)1
Hughes, SusanLonely Wolf Pup. (Wild Paws, No. 2)1
Hunter, ErinSeekers The Quest Begins (Seekers #1)1
Hurd, Edith ThacherJohnny Lion's Book1
Hurwitz, JohannaRip Roaring Russell1
Hutchings, Amy & RichardPicking Apples and Pumpkins1
Hutchins, PatShrinking Mouse3
Ingalls Wilder, LauraLong Winter, The3
Jackson, GarnetMartin Luther King Jr. A Man of Peace Hello Reader! Level 41
Jackson, K & BSaggy Baggy Elephant, The (Little Golden Book)1
James, BrianAhoy, Ghost Ship Ahead! (Pirate School #2)1
James, BrianEight Spinning Planets4
James, SimonDay Jake Vacuumed, The1
Jenkins, MartinEmperor's Egg, The: Read and Wonder2
Jenkins, Steve and Page, RobinWhat Do You Do with a Tail Like This?1
Jennings, PatrickGuinea Dog1
Jerome, Kate BoehmCivil War Sub: The Mystery of the Hunley1
Jeschke, SusanPerfect the Pig1
Jeunesse, GallimardWhales (First Discovery Books)1
Johnson, JinnyBugs: A Closer Look at the World's Tiny Creatures1
Johnson, RebeccaWalk in the Boreal Forest, A1
Johnson, TimKids Care about Sea Animals3
Johnson, TimWhat Talent! (Scholastic Phonics Chapter Books)3
Johnston, JenniferGreat Shark Escape (The Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 7)1
Jones, MarciaGodzilla Ate my Homework1
Jones, Marcia ThorntonGhosts Do Splash in Puddles (The Bailey School Kids Jr. Chapter Book)1
Jones, Marcia ThorntonSnow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate6
Jones, Marcia Thornton & Dadey, DebbieHowling at the Hauntlys' (The Bailey City Monsters #2)1
Jones, Marcia Thornton & Dadey, DebbieSanta Dog (Barkley's School for Dogs)2
Jones, Marcia Thornton & Dadey, DebbieWerewolves Don't Run for President3
Jordan, AppleSweetest Spring, The (Step Into Reading Step 2: Disney Princess)1
Kalas, SybilleWild Horse Family Book, The (Animal Family (Chronicle))1
Kallis, DannySuite Life of Zack & Cody, The #7: Side by Side (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)1
Kasza, KeikoDon't Laugh, Joe!1
Kasza, KeikoMy Lucky Day1
Kasza, KeikoWolf's Chicken Stew, The2
Katherine Pebley O'NealStink Squad, The The Malodorous Mess1
Katschke, JudyFlicka: Untamed Spirit1
Katschke, Judy (for M&A Olsen)Two of a Kind #12: The Cool Club1
Katz, BobbiGerms! Germs! Germs! (Hello Reader Science Level 3)4
Kaufman, Elizabeth EliasBig & Little Animals1
Keane, DaveJoe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000001: The Haunted Toolshed1
Keats, Ezra JackHi, Cat!1
Keats, Ezra JackPet Show!1
Keats, Ezra JackSnowy Day, The1
Keats, Ezra JackWhistle for Willie2
Keenan, SheilaTrouble with Pets, The2
Keene, CarolynBest Detective, The1
Keller, Mrs.Fire Safety (Visitors) (In classroom homemade book)1
Kelley, TrueOllie's New Tricks5
Kenah, KatherineBest Seat in Second Grade, The2
Kessel, Joyce K.St. Patrick's Day1
Kessler, LeonardOld Turtle's Baseball Stories1
Kessler, LeonardSuper Bowl2
Kessler, Leonard P.Mr. Pine's Purple House4
Kidd, RonaldChasing George Washington (Kennedy Center Presents: Capital Kids)2
Kimmel, Elizabeth CodyBalto and the Great Race2
Kimmel, Eric A.Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins1
King, DanielChess From First Move to Checkmate1
King, Jr., Dr. Martin LutherI Have a Dream (Scholastic)1
King-Smith, DickAce: The Very Important Pig1
King-Smith, DickBabe the Gallant Pig1
King-Smith, DickSmasher2
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid23
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul1
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (#6)2
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (#4)12
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (#2)9
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw (#3)9
Kinney, JeffDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth (#5)9
Kipling, RudyardElephant's Child, The1
Klein, AbbyApple Orchard Race (Ready, Freddy!)6
Klein, AbbyDon't Sit On My Lunch! (Ready, Freddy! #4)5
Klein, AbbyHelp! A Vampire's Coming! (Ready, Freddy! #6)10
Klein, AbbyHomework Hassles (Ready, Freddy!)7
Klein, AbbyKing of Show-and-Tell, The (Ready, Freddy!)7
Klein, AbbyPenguin Problem, The (Ready, Freddy!)6
Klein, AbbyPerfect Present, The (Ready, Freddy!)3
Klein, AbbyReady, Set, Snow! (Ready Freddy!)5
Klein, AbbyScience Fair Flop (Ready, Freddy!)5
Klein, AbbyStop that Hamster (Ready, Freddy! #12)1
Klein, AbbySuper-secret Valentine (Ready, Freddy!)2
Klein, AbbyThanksgiving Turkey Trouble (Ready, Freddy! #15)1
Klein, AbbyTooth Trouble (Ready, Freddy!)11
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Ant Invasion10
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise12
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Dragon War5
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Drop of Doom10
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Dungeon12
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Green Slime18
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding15
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry and the Purple People15
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry at Halloween3
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry Goes Cuckoo1
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry Goes to Sea4
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry Goes to the Moon3
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry in Room 2B9
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade11
Kline, SuzyHorrible Harry's Secret19
Kline, SuzySong Lee and the "I Hate You" Notes7
Kline, SuzySong Lee and the Hamster Hunt5
Kline, SuzySong Lee and the Leech Man1
Kloepfer, JohnZombie Chasers, The1
Knight, KathrynBig Cats of the World3
Knight, KathrynDinosaurs and the Creatures of the Cretaceous1
Koller, Jackie FrenchDragonling, The9
Konigsburg, E. L.Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and me, Elizabeth2
Korman, GordonFramed (Swindle series)1
Korman, JustineStinky Socks2
Korman, SusanIce Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: The Junior Novel1
Korman, SusanMonsters vs. Aliens: The Junior Novel1
Kosara, VictoriaMarcel And Paddy Save The Day (Alpha And Omega)1
Koscielniak, BruceBear and Bunny Grow Tomatoes1
Kowitt, Holly99 1/2 Creepy Crawly Jokes, Riddles & Nonsense1
Kraus, RobertWhose Mouse Are You?1
Kraus, RobertWise Old Owl's Halloween Adventure1
Krensky, StephenArthur and the Cootie-Catcher1
Krensky, StephenChristopher Columbus (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)3
Krensky, StephenFraidy Cats2
Krensky, StephenWe Just Moved2
Krensky, Steven & Brown, MarcArthur and the Recess Rookie (Arthur Good Sports #3)2
Kroll, StevenBiggest Pumpkin Ever1
Kroll, StevenBiggest Valentine Ever, The4
Kroll, StevenCandy Witch, The1
Kroll, StevenIt's Groundhog Day1
Krulik, Nancy E.Going Batty (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #32)2
Krulik, Nancy E.No Biz Like Show Biz (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 24)1
Krulik, Nancy E.No Messin' with My Lesson (Katie Kazoo Switcheroo #11)1
Krulik, Nancy E.Out to Lunch (Katie Kazoo Switcheroo #2)1
Kulling, MonicaEat My Dust Henry Ford's First Race3
Kulling, MonicaEscape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman1
Kunhardt, EdithI'm Going to Be a Fire Fighter2
Kvasnosky, Laura McGeeMr. Chips!1
Ladd, Frances AnnWhiff of Pizza, A (Scooby-Doo! Phonics Reading)1
Lakin, PatriciaStuart Little 2: Stuart Finds a Friend3
Lan Leeuwen, JeanMore Tales of Oliver Pig1
Landau, ElaineSasquatch/Wild Man Of The Woods (Mysteries of Science)1
Landers, AceSamurai Strike (Power Rangers Samurai)1
Lane, MargaretFrog, The (Picture Puffins)1
Lang, AubreyBaby Penguin1
Larkin, RochelleThree Little Pigs (Favorite Fairy Tales)2
Lasky, KathrynCapture, The (Guardians of Ga'hoole, Book 1)1
Lasky, KathrynJourney, The (Guardians of Ga'hoole, book 2)1
Lasky, KathrynPorkenstein3
Lassieur & AllisonAttack on Pearl Harbor, The: An Interactive History Adventure1
Lauber, PatriciaFur, Feathers, and Flippers: How Animals Live1
Le Guin, Ursula K.Jane On Her Own: A Catwings (Catwings, No 4)1
Le Guin, Ursula K. and Schindler, S.D.Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings2
Leaf, MunroStory of Ferdinand, The11
Leavitt, CarolineRobinhound Crusoe1
Lee, Quinlan B.Best Friends (Littlest Pet Shop)1
Lepthien, Emilie U.Manatees (New True Books: Animals)1
LeSeig, theoWacky Wednesday (Beginner Books)2
LeSieg, TheoIn a People House1
Levine, Gail CarsonFairy's Mistake, The (Princess Tales)1
Levine, Gail CarsonFairy's Return and Other Princess Tales, The1
Levine, Gail CarsonPrincess Sonora and the Long Sleep1
Levy, EizabethSchoolyard Mystery, The (Invisible Inc., No. 1)3
Levy, ElizabethMystery of Too Many Elvises, The1
Levy, JoelPhobiapedia2
Lewis, BetsyCowgirl Kate and Cocoa Spring Babies2
Lewis, ThomasHill of Fire1
Lewman, DavidDay in the Life of Chuckie, The1
Lindsay, ElizabethDream Come True, A (A Magic Pony #1)2
Ling, BettinaFattest, Tallest Biggest Snowman Ever, The1
Lionni, LeoIt's Mine1
Littledale, FreyaMagic Fish1
Littledale, FreyaSnow Child, The1
Lobel, ArnoldAdventures of Frog and Toad1
Lobel, ArnoldDays with Frog and Toad (Reading 2 with Help)6
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad1
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad "Spring"1
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad "The Story"1
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad All Year5
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Are Friends2
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Together8
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Treasury, The4
Lobel, ArnoldGiant John1
Lobel, ArnoldMouse Soup10
Lobel, ArnoldMouse Tales1
Lobel, ArnoldOwl at Home1
Lobel, ArnoldRose in My Garden, The1
Lobel, ArnoldSmall Pig1
Lobel, ArnoldUncle Elephant7
Lofting, HughStory of Doctor Dolittle, The1
London, JackWhite Fang3
London, JonathanFroggy Eats Out1
London, Jonathan & Remkiewicz, FrankFroggy's Baby Sister2
London, Sara & Rogers, JacquelineGood Luck Glasses, The1
Lopshire, robertI Want to be Somebody New!1
Lopshire, RobertPut Me in the Zoo9
Lord, Bette BaoIn the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson1
Low, Alice & Manning, JaneWitch Who Was Afraid of Witches2
Lubar, David & Brace, EricMonster Road3
Lundell, MargoGirl Named Helen Keller, A4
Lundell, MargoLad, a Dog: Lad to the Rescue4
MacCarone, GraceHaunting of Grade Three1
Maccarone, GraceItchy, Itchy Chicken Pox1
Maccarone, GraceLunch Box Surprise, The (The First Grade Friends)1
MacLachlan, PatriciaMore Perfect than the Moon (Sarah, Plain and Tall)1
MacLachlan, PatriciaSeven Kisses in a Row1
MacLachlan, PatriciaSkylark1
MacLachlan, PatriciaTrue Gift, A Christmas Story, The3
Maclear, Kyo and Arsenault, IsabellaSpork2
MacLulich, CarolynSnakes (Reading discovery)2
MacMillanWater in Our World (Real World Problem Solving)10
Mahy, MargaretAdventures of a Kite, The (Jellybeans)1
Makar, Barbara W.Al (Primary phonics, Set 1)4
Makar, Barbara W.Bee, The (Primary Phonics - Set 2, Book 5)4
Makar, Barbara W.Ben Bug (Primary phonics, Set 1)7
Makar, Barbara W.Best Gift, The Better Phonics1
Makar, Barbara W.Cake, The (Primary Phonics)6
Makar, Barbara W.Chicken Ranch, The (Primary phonics, Set 4)1
Makar, Barbara W.Cod and the Fat Cat, The1
Makar, Barbara W.Cop Cat (Set M1 Book 6) More Primary Phonics3
Makar, Barbara W.Del and the Gun1
Makar, Barbara W.Ed (Primary Phonics, Set 1)3
Makar, Barbara W.Fun in the Mud (More Primary Phonics)4
Makar, Barbara W.Gum on a Cat (More Primary Phonics)4
Makar, Barbara W.Hal and Nip (More Primary Phonics)3
Makar, Barbara W.Hide and Seek (Primary Phonics - Set 2, Book 9)1
Makar, Barbara W.Jet, The (Primary Phonics Set 1 Book 5)5
Makar, Barbara W.Joke, The (Primary Phonics)5
Makar, Barbara W.Kim and Wag (More primary phonics, set M1, Book 2)3
Makar, Barbara W.Mac and Tab5
Makar, Barbara W.Mac is Safe3
Makar, Barbara W.Max and the fox (Primary phonics, Set 3)1
Makar, Barbara W.Meg2
Makar, Barbara W.Mittens1
Makar, Barbara W.Plane Trip, The Primary Phonics1
Makar, Barbara W.Primary Phonics: The Bee1
Makar, Barbara W.Slides Primary Phonics1
Makar, Barbara W.Spot (Primary phonics, Set 3)7
Makar, Barbara W.Tim (Primary Phonics, Set 1)7
Makar, Barbara W.Tin Man, The (Primary Phonics)4
Makar, Barbara W.Van and the Hot Rod, The2
Makar, Barbara W.Wet Pup, The (Primary Phonics)3
Makar, Barbara W.Wig, The (Primary Phonics)7
Manes, StephenBe a Perfect Person in Three Days3
Markle, SandraIcky, Squishy Science1
Markle, SandraOutside and Inside Birds1
Markle, SandraOutside and Inside Spiders3
Markle, SandraOwls (Animal Predators)1
Marshall, EdwardFox all Week7
Marshall, EdwardFox at School9
Marshall, EdwardFox in Love1
Marshall, Edward & Marshall, JamesFox on Wheels1
Marshall, JamesFox and His Friends1
Marshall, JamesFox on the Job12
Martin, AnnBoy-Crazy Stacey (Baby-Sitters Club #8)1
Martin, Ann M.Karen's Roller Skates (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #2)1
Martin, BillChicka Chicka Boom Boom1
Martin, BillUp and Down the Escalator1
Martin, Jacqueline BriggsSnowflake Bentley3
Martin, Patricia MilesAbraham Lincoln (A Beginning to Read Biography)1
MarvelAmazing Spider-Man, The - Flying High1
Marzollo, JeanFootball Friends3
Masessa, Ed & Masessa, MelanieReal Life Monsters1
Maslen, Bobby LynnDot and Mit (Bob Books for Beginning Readers, Set 1, Book 5)1
Maslen, Bobby LynnVet, The1
Mason, Jane B.King Arthur (Scholastic Junior Classics)1
Mason, Jane B. and Hoffman, E. T. A.Nutcracker, The (Scholastic Junior Classics)2
Mattern, JoanneMartin Luther King, Jr., The Fight for Freedom1
Mattern, Joanne and Brandt, KeithRosa Parks Freedom Rider1
Mayer, JudyWhat Lilly Pup Heard3
Mayer, MercerAll By Myself2
Mayer, MercerBubble Bubble1
Mayer, MercerI Just Forgot2
Mayer, MercerJust Grandma and Me3
Mayer, MercerJust Me and My Little Sister1
Mayer, MercerJust Me and My Puppy1
Mayer, MercerLittle Critter's Bedtime Storybook1
Mayer, MercerThere's a Nightmare in My Closet1
Mayer, MercerThere's Something in My Attic1
Mazer, AnneAmazing Days of Abbey Hayes, The - The Declaration of Independence1
Mc Clintock, Mike and Siebel, FritzFly Went By, A1
McBratney, SamYou're All My Favorites1
McCafferty, CatherinePicture Me With My Grandpa1
McClellan, DinaLucky Penny, The (Scholastic Phonics Booster Books)1
McCloskey, RobertBlueberries for Sal1
McCloskey, RobertMake Way for Ducklings6
McCurdy, Michael (Houghton Mifflin)Trapped by the Ice (in Reading California)5
McDonald, MeganBeezy4
McDonald, MeganJudy Moody3
McDonald, MeganJudy Moody Gets Famous! (Book #2)2
McDonald, MeganJudy Moody Saves the World! (Book #3)1
McDonald, MeganJudy Moody, Girl Detective (Book #9)1
McDonald, MeganJudy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days (Book #7)8
McDonald, MeganMad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt, The (Judy Moody & Stink)1
McDonald, MeganStink and the Great Guinea Pig Express (Book #4)1
McGovern, AnnIf You Sailed on the Mayflower in 16205
McGovern, AnnPilgrim's first Thankgiving2
McGovern, AnnQuestions and Answers about Sharks1
McGovern, AnnShark Lady1
McGovern, AnnToo Much Noise2
Mcgovern, AnnWanted Dead or Alive...Harriet Tubman1
McGraw-HillAnimal Habitats: Number and Operations, Grade 3 (Real-World Problem Solving: Math and Science)8
McGraw-HillLight, Sight, and Colors so Bright3
McGraw-HillMoon Gazing10
McGraw-HillPlaces We Live, The, Real-World Problem Solving: Math and Social Studies1
McKay, SindySharks! (We Both Read)1
McKenna, ColleenGood Grief, Third Grade4
McKie, Roy and P. D. Eastman, P. D.Snow5
McMullan, Kate97 Ways to Train a Dragon #9 (Dragon Slayers' Academy)2
McMullan, KateFluffy's Spring Vacation2
McMullan, KateFluffy's Valentine's Day2
McNulty, FaithHow to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World5
McNulty, FaithPlaying with Dolphins1
McNulty, FaithSilly Story of a Flea and His Dog, The (Hello Reader Level 3)6
McNulty, FaithWolves Ate My Homework, The1
McNutty, FaithListening to Whales SIng1
McPhail, DavidDay The Dog Said "cock-a-doodle-doo !", The (Hello Reader! ; Level 2)1
McPhail, DavidGreat Race, The (Hello Reader, Level 2)2
Mead, KatherineHow Spiders Got Eight Legs1
Meadows, DaisyAlly The Dolphin Fairy (Rainbow Magic: Ocean Fairies (Pb)6
Meadows, DaisyAmelie the Seal Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book (Ocean Fairies #2)1
Meadows, DaisyBella, the Bunny Fairy (Pet Fairies, No. 2)4
Meadows, DaisyBethany the Ballet Fairy (Rainbow Magic, The Dance Faries No. 1)1
Meadows, DaisyCherry the Cake Fairy (Rainbow Magic: Party Fairies, Book 1)2
Meadows, DaisyCrystal: The Snow Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Weather Fairies, No. 1)3
Meadows, DaisyEmily the Emerald Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 3)1
Meadows, DaisyFairy Ballet, A (Rainbow Ballet; Scholastic Reader Level 2)11
Meadows, DaisyFern: The Green Fairy (Rainbow Fairies, No. 4)1
Meadows, DaisyGabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy2
Meadows, DaisyHeather the Violet Fairy (Rainbow Magic #7)1
Meadows, DaisyIndia the Moonstone Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 1)1
Meadows, DaisyKatie, the Kitten Fairy (Pet Fairies, No. 1)1
Meadows, DaisyLauren The Puppy Fairy (Pet Fairies #4)1
Meadows, DaisyMolly The Goldfish Fairy (Pet Fairies #6)1
Meadows, DaisyPia the Penguin Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book (Ocean Fairies #3)5
Meadows, DaisyScarlett: The Garnet Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Jewel Fairies, No. 2)5
Meadows, DaisySelena the Sleepover Fairy (Rainbow Magic)1
Meadows, DaisyStephanie the Starfish Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book (Ocean Fairies #5)2
Meadows, DaisyTara The Tuesday Fairy (Rainbow Magic: Fun Day Fairies)1
Meadows, DaisyTia the Tulip Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book (Petal Fairies #1)1
Meadows, DaisyTrixie the Halloween Fairy4
Meadows, DaisyWillow the Wednesday Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Fun Day Fairies)1
Medearis, Angela ShelfBiggest Snowball Fight, The2
Medina, SarahHaving Fun with Sculpture (Let's Do Art)1
Merrians, DeborahI Can Read About Earthquakes and Volcanoes7
Merrians, DeborahI Can Read About Spiders1
Michlig, JohnSonic's Shoes Blues (Sonic the Hedgehog)1
Miles, EllenGoldie (The Puppy Place)1
Miles, EllenMaggie and Max (The Puppy Place)1
Miles, EllenMuttley (The Puppy Place)2
Miles, EllenNoodle (The Puppy Place #11)1
Miles, EllenPrincess (The Puppy Place)1
Miles, EllenPugsley (The Puppy Place)2
Miles, EllenPuppy Place - Where Every Puppy Finds a Home1
Miles, EllenPuppy Place, The - Mocha1
Miles, EllenShadow (The Puppy Place)3
Miller, Connie ColwellChihuahuas1
Miller, JakeCobweb Weavers (The Library of Spiders)1
Miller, JakeFishing Spiders (The Library of Spiders)1
Miller, JakeFunnel Weavers (The Library of Spiders)1
Miller, JakeTrap-Door Spiders (The Library of Spiders)1
Mills, J. Elizabeth & Rogers, JacquelineBelle1
Milton, JoyceDinosaur Days1
Milton, JoyceGorillas: Gentle Giants of the Forest3
Milton, JoycePocahontas: An American Princess (All Aboard Reading)1
Milton, JoyceWild Wild Wolves4
Milton, StephanieMinecraft: Essential Handbook: An Official Mojang Book1
Minarik, ElseKiss for Little Bear8
Minarik, ElseLittle Bear4
Minarik, ElseLittle Bear's Friend1
Minarik, ElseLittle Bear's Visit1
Minarik, ElseNo Fighting, No Biting!1
Miranda, AnneAllowed duplicate: C. D. Clues1
Miranda, AnneC. D. Clues4
Miranda, AnneLions of the Plains3
Monjo, F.N.Drinking Gourd, The: A Story of the Underground Railroad (I Can Read Book 3)5
Montgomery, L.M.Anne of Green Gables2
Montgomery, L.M.Anne of Green Gables (All Aboard Reading) (Level 3, Adapted)1
Moore, Clement C.Night Before Christmas, The2
Moore, EvaMagic School Bus Chapter Book, No 2, Search for the Missing Bones, The1
Moore, EvaTen Christmas Tales1
Moore, EvaTruth about Bats, The (Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 1)1
Moore, IngaSix-Dinner Sid1
Moore, KayIf You Lived at the Time of the Civil War1
Morrison, PhillipTotally Amazing Spiders3
Morse, JeniferBook of World Records 2008 (Scholastic)1
Moss, OliviaDazzle's First Day (Butterfly Meadow #1)1
Mozelle, ShirleyZack's Alligator1
Mozelle, ShirleyZack's Alligator Goes to School1
Muller, RobinHickory, Dickory, Dock1
Munsch, RobertGet Out of Bed!1
Munsch, RobertLove You Forever2
Munsch, RobertWait and See1
Munsch, Robert & Martchenko, MichaelDark, The1
Munsch, Robert & Matchenko, M.Thomas' Snowsuit (Annikins)1
Murphy, FrankAlways Inventing: The True Story Of Thomas Alva Edison2
Murphy, JimCall of the Wolves, The1
Mwenye, HadithiHot Hippo (African Animal Tales)1
Myers, Walter Dean & Sims, David J. A.Case of the Missing Ruby and Other Stories (Sniffy Blue: Ace Crime Detective)1
Napoli, Donna JoNew Voices (Aladdin Angelwings #12)1
Napoli, Donna JoSly the Sleuth and the Pet Mysteries1
Nathan, SarahFrozen: The Junior Novelization1
National Geographic Kids (Halling, Jonathan)Weird But True: 300 Outrageous Facts2
National Wildlife FederationWild Animal Baby - Harp Seal (December/January 2008)1
Nelson, Jo AnnePeanut Butter and Jelly1
Nethery, MaryMary Veronica's Egg1
Neuschwander, Cindy88 Pounds of Tomatoes (Hello Math Reader: Level 4: Grades 2 & 3: Subtraction)5
Neuschwander, CindyAmanda Bean's Amazing Dream1
Nixon, Joan LoweryGhost Town: Seven Ghostly Stories1
Nolen, JerdineHarvey Potter's Balloon Farm1
Norman BridwellClifford's Best Pals2
North, SterlingRascal1
Norwich, GraceShark-a-Phobia1
Numeroff, L.If You Give a Moose a Muffin1
Numeroff, L.If You Give a Mouse a Cookie2
Numeroff, LauraChimps Don't Wear Glasses1
Numeroff, LauraIf You Give a Dog a Donut1
Numeroff, LauraIf You Give a Pig a Pancake1
Numeroff, LauraTwo for Stew1
O'Connor, BarbaraHow to Steal a Dog2
O'Connor, JaneFancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris (I Can Read Book 1)3
O'Connor, JaneFancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy1
O'Connor, JaneTeeny Tiny Woman1
O'Connor, TeddyNew Brain for Igor, A (Step-Into-Reading, Step 2)6
O'Dell, ScottIsland of the Blue Dolphins3
O'Neil, Laura or Stine, R. L.Lucky, Lucky Day (Full House Michelle)1
O'Neill, CatharineAnnie and Simon (Candlewick Sparks)1
O'Neill, CatharineAnnie and Simon: Candlewick Sparks6
O'Neill, MariaPenguin Who Wanted to Be Different, The: A Christmas Wish2
O'Ryan, ElliePhineas and Ferb #7: Freeze Frame2
O'Ryan, ElliePhineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension3
Orgel, DorisMouse Who Wanted to Marry, The1
Osborne, Mary PopeA Good Night for Ghosts 421
Osborne, Mary PopeAbe Lincoln at Last! (Magic Tree House #47)2
Osborne, Mary PopeAbraham Lincoln - Magic Tree House Fact Tracker1
Osborne, Mary PopeAfternoon on the Amazon12
Osborne, Mary PopeBlizzard of the Blue Moon (Magic Tree House, No. 36)8
Osborne, Mary PopeBuffalo Before Breakfast13
Osborne, Mary PopeCarnival at Candlelight (Magic Tree House #33)5
Osborne, Mary PopeChristmas in Camelot (Magic Tree House #29)2
Osborne, Mary PopeCivil War On Sunday (Magic Tree House #21)11
Osborne, Mary PopeDark Day in the Deep Sea (Magic Tree House #39)5
Osborne, Mary PopeDay of the Dragon King8
Osborne, Mary PopeDingoes at Dinnertime (Magic Treehouse #20)13
Osborne, Mary PopeDinosaurs Before Dark23
Osborne, Mary PopeDog Heroes (Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #24)2
Osborne, Mary PopeDogs in the Dead of Night (Magic Tree House #46)1
Osborne, Mary PopeDolphins at Daybreak23
Osborne, Mary PopeDragon of the Red Dawn ( Magic Tree House # 37, A Merlin Mission )11
Osborne, Mary PopeEarthquake in the Early Morning (Magic Tree House #24)18
Osborne, Mary PopeEve of the Emperor Penguin (Magic Tree House #40)8
Osborne, Mary PopeGhost Town at Sundown16
Osborne, Mary PopeGhosts (Magic Tree House Research Guide)3
Osborne, Mary PopeGood Morning, Gorillas (Magic tree house #26)22
Osborne, Mary PopeGood Night for Ghosts, A (Magic Tree House #42)9
Osborne, Mary PopeHaunted Castle on Hallows Eve, Magic Treehouse #3010
Osborne, Mary PopeHigh Tide in Hawaii (Magic Tree House 28)17
Osborne, Mary PopeHour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House #16)3
Osborne, Mary PopeKnight at Dawn, The21
Osborne, Mary PopeLeprechaun in Late Winter (Magic Tree House #43)3
Osborne, Mary PopeLions at Lunchtime14
Osborne, Mary PopeMidnight on the Moon19
Osborne, Mary PopeMoonlight on the Magic Flute (Magic Tree House #41)6
Osborne, Mary PopeMummies in the Morning26
Osborne, Mary PopeNight of the New Magicians (Magic Tree House #35)7
Osborne, Mary PopeNight of the Ninjas (Magic Treehouse #5)20
Osborne, Mary PopePenguins and Antarctica (Magic Tree House Research Guide)1
Osborne, Mary PopePirates Past Noon23
Osborne, Mary PopePolar Bears Past Bedtime8
Osborne, Mary PopeRevolutionary War On Wednesday (Magic Tree House 22)7
Osborne, Mary PopeSeason of the Sandstorms (Magic Tree House #34)2
Osborne, Mary PopeStage Fright on a Summer Night (Magic Tree House #25)7
Osborne, Mary PopeSummer of the Sea Serpent (Magic Tree House, No. 31)6
Osborne, Mary PopeSunset of the Sabertooth22
Osborne, Mary PopeThanksgiving on Thursday8
Osborne, Mary PopeTigers at Twilight11
Osborne, Mary PopeTonight on the Titanic24
Osborne, Mary PopeTwister on Tuesday (Magic Tree House, No. 23)11
Osborne, Mary PopeVacation under the Volcano14
Osborne, Mary PopeViking Ships at Sunrise7
Osborne, Mary PopeWinter of the Ice Wizard (Magic Tree House 32)4
Osborne, Mary Pope and Boyce, Natalie PopeLeonardo Da Vinci: A Nonfiction Companion To "Monday With A Mad Genius"2
Osborne, Mary Pope and Boyce, Natalie PopePandas and Other Endangered Species (Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #26)1
Osborne, Mary Pope; Boyce, Natalie PopeSabertooths and the Ice Age: A Nonfiction Companion to Sunset of the Sabertooth (Magic Tree House Research Guide #12)4
Osborne, Will & Osborne, Mary PopeDinosaurs (Magic Tree House Research Guide)2
Osborne, Will & Osborne, Mary PopeKnights and Castles (Magic Tree House Research Guide #2)2
Packard, MaryRocks and Minerals1
Page, David E.Lemonade War, The2
Page, Josephine (adapted from Bridwell)Tummy Trouble (Clifford the Big Red Dog) (Big Red Reader Series)3
Pallotta, JerryHershey's Milk Chocolate Multiplication Book, The1
Pallotta, JerryHershey's Milk Chocolate Weights And Measures Book1
Pallotta, JerryWho Will Be My Valentine This Year?1
Pallotta, JerryWho Would Win: Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark1
Palmer, HelenFish out of Water, A1
Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia and the Cat (I Can Read Book 2)3
Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia Bakes Off (I Can Read Book 2)9
Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia Means Business (Chapter Book #1)1
Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia Under Construction (I Can Read Book 2)1
Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia's Masterpiece (I Can Read Book 2)1
Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia, Bookworm2
Parish, Herman & Sweat LynnHappy Haunting, Amelia Bedelia3
Parish, PeggyAmelia Bedelia (I Can Read Book 2)1
Parish, PeggyAmelia Bedelia and the Baby (I Can Read Book 2)1
Parish, PeggyAmelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower5
Parish, PeggyAmelia Bedelia Goes Camping4
Parish, PeggyAmelia Bedelia's Family Album6
Parish, PeggyDinosaur Time2
Parish, PeggyMerry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia8
Parish, PeggyPlay Ball, Amelia Bedelia3
Parish, PeggyScruffy1
Parish, PeggyTeach us, Amelia Bedelia8
Parish, PeggyThank You Amelia Bedelia6
Park, BarbaraJunie B Jones, First Grader: Boss of Lunch1
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business10
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth14
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying16
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday (Junie B. Jones, No. 6)12
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine10
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus (Junie B. Jones, No. 1)12
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones and the Yucky, Blucky Fruitcake8
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones has a Monster Under Her Bed16
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket8
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is (almost) a Flower Girl14
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy13
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl13
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is a Party Animal15
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is Captain Field Day13
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones is Not a Crook6
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren6
Park, BarbaraJunie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy (Junie B. Jones, No. 12)14
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader (at Last!)13
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha! (Junie B. Jones, No. 26)6
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Boo...and I Mean It!8
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants6
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Dumb Bunny (Book 27)6
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May)2
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: One Man Band3
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Shipwrecked7
Park, BarbaraJunie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder14
Parker, SteveLasers: Now and Into the Future Tomorrow's Technology1
Parks, RosaI am Rosa Parks3
Parlin, JohnAmelia Earhart1
Parsons, AlexandaAmazing Snakes1
Patterson, JamesI Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story1
Patterson, JamesMiddle School: My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar1
Paulsen, GaryEscape from Fire Mountain (World of Adventure)1
Paulsen, GaryHatchet1
Payne, EmmyKaty No-Pocket (Sandpiper)1
Peck, RichardHere Lies the Librarian1
Peet, BillHow Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head1
Peet, BillWump World, The1
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate on a Roll1
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate Strikes Again3
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate: From the Top1
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate: In a Class by Himself1
Peirce, LincolnBig Nate: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?1
Pelkey, DavAdventures of Captain Underpants, The4
Pellowski, MichaelCopycat Dog1
Penn, AudreyKissing Hand, The1
Penn, AudreyPocket Full of Kisses, A1
Penner, LucilleDinosaur Babies3
Penner, Lucille RechtTwisters!1
Pennypacker, SaraAmazing World Of Stuart, The2
Pennypacker, Sara; orig by Brown, JeffGreat Egyptian Grave Robbery, The (Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #2)2
Pernick, AliceCase of the Missing Monkeys, The (Phonics Chapter Book)4
Peschke, MarciDancing Queen (Kylie Jean)1
Peschke, MarciSpelling Queen (Kylie Jean series)2
Peschke, MarieKylie Jean Singing Queen1
Peterson, JohnLittles and the Big Storm, The2
Peterson, JohnLittles and the Great Halloween Scare, The1
Peterson, JohnLittles and the Lost Children, The1
Peterson, JohnLittles and the Terrible Tiny Kid, The1
Peterson, JohnLittles and the Trash Tinies, The (The Littles #7)2
Peterson, JohnLittles Give a Party, The2
Peterson, JohnLittles Go Exploring, The4
Peterson, JohnLittles Go to School, The3
Peterson, JohnLittles Have a Wedding, The (The Littles #4)1
Peterson, JohnLittles Take a Trip2
Peterson, JohnLittles to the Rescue, The3
Peterson, JohnLittles, The1
Peterson, ScottHaunted Hayride (Phineas and Ferb #3)1
PeyoSmurf Cake3
PeyoSmurf Championship Games, The (Ready-to-Read. Level 2)1
Pfister, MarcusPenguin Pete2
Pfister, MarcusPenguin Pete's New Friends1
Pfloog, JanKitten Book, The1
Phillips, JoanMy New Boy (Step-Into-Reading, Step 2)2
Pilkey, DavCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets1
Pilkey, DavCaptain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants2
Pilkey, DavDog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Halley Tosis2
Pilkey, DavRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus (Ricky Ricotta, No. 7)3
Pinkwater, DanielBig Bob and the Magic Valentine's Day Potato2
Pitcher, CarolineRun with the Wind1
Platt, KinBig Max1
Podendorf, IllaRocks & Minerals1
Potter, BeatrixTale of Benjamin Bunny, The1
Powell, SarahSpace!1
Prager, AnnabelleSpooky Halloween Party, The1
Prager, AnnabelleSurprise Party, The1
Preller, JamesCase of the Class Clown, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery, No. 12)1
Preller, JamesHiccups For Elephant4
Prelutsky, JackIt's Christmas! (I Can Read Book 3)1
Prelutsky, JackIt's Halloweeen1
Prelutsky, JackIt's Valentine's Day2
Prelutsky, JackMy Parents Think I'm Sleeping (I Can Read Book 3)2
Prelutsky, JackSomething Big Has Been Here1
Prelutsky, JackZoo Doings1
Pretlusky, JackDragons Are Singing Tonight, The1
Priddy, RogerSpace For Kids Who Really Love Space! (Smart Kids Space)1
Pringle, LaurenceDinosaurs! Strange and Wonderful (Picture Puffins)2
Pullman, PhilipFirework-Maker's Daughter, The1
Rabe, TishOh, the Pets You Can Get!: All About Our Animal Friends1
Raczka, BobNo One Saw: Ordinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist1
Raffi, Aruego, and DeweyFive Little Ducks (Raffi Songs to Read)4
Rafter, Alex (not verified)Bear, The1
Rake, Jody SullivanMutts1
Randell, BeverleySkier, The (Rigby PM Collection: PM Starters One)1
Rawls, WilsonWhere the Red Fern Grows1
Ray, KarenT. F. Letters, The1
Redmond, Shirley RayeLewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President1
Redmond, Shirley RayeTentacles!: Tales of the Giant Squid (Step into Reading)9
Regan, Dian CurtisFriendship of Milly and Tug8
Reigot, BettyBook About Planets and Stars, A1
Rey, MargaretCurious George1
Reyes, GabrielleDolphin Tale: The Junior Novel1
Richards, Kitty & Resto, EdTurkey Who Came to Dinner, The2
Richey, KateLion, Tiger, and Bear2
Riley, KanaLunch in Space (Instant Readers)1
Riley, StevenLittle Ty Cooney and the Big Yosemite Race1
Riordan, RickBattle of the Labyrinth, The (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)1
Riordan, RickLast Olympian, The (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 5)1
Riordan, RickLightning Thief, The (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #1)3
Riordan, RickPercy Jackson & The Olympians (Book ?)1
Riordan, RickSea of Monsters, The (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2)2
Riordan, RickTitan's Curse, The (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 3)1
Roberts, JordanMarch of the Penguins (National Geographic)2
Robins, JoanAddie's Bad Day1
Robins, Joan & Truesdell, SueAddie Meets Max1
Robinson, F. R.Trip to the Planets, A3
Robinson, FayDinosaur Named Sue, A: The Find of the Century2
Rockwell, ThomasHow To Eat Fried Worms1
Rodgers, MaryFreaky Friday1
Romain, TrevorTrue or False? Tests Stink! (Laugh And Learn)2
Roop, Peter & ConnieWho Conducted the Underground Railroad?1
Roop, Peter and ConnieButtons for General Washington1
Roop, Peter and ConnieLet's Play Soldier, George Washington (Before I Made History)1
Roop, Peter and ConnieLet's Split Logs, Abe Lincoln (Before I Made History)1
Rosenberg, AaronAlpha and Omega (The Junior Novel)1
Ross, ElizabethThree Little Pigs, The1
Rounds, GlenBlind Horse, The (same as Blind Colt and Blind Outlaw?)1
Rounds, GlenWhitey and the Wild Horse1
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets1
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix1
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone1
Roy, RonAbsent Author, The1
Roy, RonBald Bandit, The1
Roy, RonCanary Caper, The2
Roy, RonFalcon's Feathers, The1
Roy, RonHaunted Hotel, The (A to Z Mysteries)2
Roy, RonInvisible Island, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonJaguar's Jewel, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonJanuary Joker (Calendar Mysteries #1)1
Roy, RonLucky Lottery, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonNinth Nugget, The (A to Z Mysteries)2
Roy, RonOrange Outlaw, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonQuicksand Question, The (A to Z Mysteries)2
Roy, RonSchool Skeleton, The (A to Z Mysteries)2
Roy, RonSleepy Hollow Sleepover (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonTalking T. Rex, The (A to Z Mysteries)2
Roy, RonUnwilling Umpire, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonVampire's Vacation, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonWhite Wolf, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roy, RonX'ed-Out X-Ray, The (A to Z Mysteries)1
Roysten, AngelaDuck (See How They Grow)2
Roza, GregIncredible Story of Jets, The (Kid's Guide to Incredible Technology)1
Russell, Rachel RenéeDork Diaries: Tales From a Not So Happy Heartbreaker (Book 6)2
Russell, Rachel RenéeDork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life (Book 1)6
Russell, Rachel RenéeDork Diaries: Tales from a Not-so-happily Ever After (Book 8)1
Russell, Rachel RenéeDork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl (Book 2)2
Russell, Rachel RenéeDork Diaries: Tales From a Not-SoGlam TV Star (Book 7)1
Russell, Rachel RenéeDork Diaries: Tales From the Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess (Book 4)1
Ryan, Pam MunozCornelia and the Show-and-tell Showdown1
Ryback, CarolSun, The (In the Sky)1
Ryder, JoanneWinter Whale (Just for a Day Book)1
Rylant, CynthiaAllowed duplicate 2: Henry & Mudge and the Forever Sea1
Rylant, CynthiaAllowed duplicate 3: Henry & Mudge and the Forever Sea1
Rylant, CynthiaAllowed duplicate: Henry & Mudge and the Forever Sea1
Rylant, CynthiaBookshop Dog, The1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge4
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and Annie's Perfect Pet1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Big Sleepover1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Careful Cousin1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Forever Sea6
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Funny Lunch1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Great Grandpas1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Happy Cat5
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Long Weekend9
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge And The Snowman Plan1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge and the Starry Night1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge Get the Cold Shivers4
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge in the Family Trees1
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge in the Sparkle Days6
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge: Bedtime Thumps3
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge: First Book2
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge: Forever Sea2
Rylant, CynthiaHenry & Mudge: Puddle Trouble2
Rylant, CynthiaMr. Putter and Tabby Bake the Cake1
Rylant, CynthiaMr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane1
Rylant, CynthiaRelatives Came, The1
Rylant, CynthiaSome Good News (The Cobble Street Cousins)1
Rylant, CynthiaWhen I Was Young in the Mountains1
Rylant, Cynthia & Howard, ArthurMr. Potter & Tabby Fly the Plane1
Sabin, FranceneHarriet Tubman1
Sabin, FranceneJackie Robinson1
Sadler, MarilynP. J. Funnybunny Camps Out (Step into Reading)1
Sage, AngieAraminta Spookie 4: Vampire Brat1
Saltzberg, BarneySoccer Mom from Outer Space, The1
Saltzberg, BarneyTag (Hooked on Phonics, Book 5)1
San Souci, Robert D.Two Bear Cubs: A Miwok Legend from California's Yosemite Valley2
Sander, SoniaFire Truck To The Rescue! (Lego City Adventures #1)1
Sander, Sonia (Scholastic)Lego City: All Aboard!7
Sander, Sonia (Scholastic)Lego City: Ready For Takeoff!4
Santrey, LaurenceEarthquakes and Volcanoes1
Santrey, LaurenceGeorge Washington: Young Leader (Easy Biographies)1
Sattler, JenniferChick 'n' Pug Meet the Dude3
Saunders, SusanUptown Poodle, Downtown Pups (All-American Puppies #4)1
Savage, JeffATVs (Wild Rides)2
Scamell, RagnhildApple Trouble!2
Scarry, RichardBest Mistake Ever!, The and Other Stories2
Schachner, JudySkippyjon Jones2
Schaefer, Lola M.Aircraft (Wheels, Wings, and Water)1
Schoberle, Cecile & Resto, EdThank You Angelica: The Rugrats Book of Manners1
ScholasticNum Nums And The Dessert Disaster (Zhu Zhu Pets)1
Scholastic AnthologyHere Comes the Holidays Stories and Poems2
School Specialty Publishing?God Made the World (pop up book)1
Schreiber, AnnePenguins! (National Geographic Readers)1
Schreiber, AnneRob's Shop1
Schreiber, AnneSharks! (National Geographic Readers)1
Schreiber, AnneSlower than a Snail2
Schubert, UlliHarry's Got a Girlfriend2
Schwartz, AlvinAll of Our Noses Are Here and Other Noodle Tales1
Schwartz, AlvinIn a Dark Dark Room2
Schwartz, AlvinThere is a Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle Tales1
Schwartz, David MPlant Fruit & Seeds (Look Once, Look Again)1
Schweninger, AnnValentine Friends1
Scieszka, JonGood, the Bad, and the Goofy, The2
Scieszka, JonNot So Jolly Roger, The1
Scieszka, JonStinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, The2
Scieszka, JonTime Warp Trio: Good, The Bad, and the Goofy, The1
Scieszka, JonTime Warp Trio: Me Oh Maya (#13)1
Scieszka, JonTime Warp Trio: Sam Samurai1
Scieszka, JonTime Warp Trio: The Knights of the Kitchen Table2
Scieszka, JonTime Warp Trio: The Not-So-Jolly Roger1
Scieszka, JonTime Warp Trio: Your Mother Was a Neanderthal3
Scieszka, JonTrue Story of the 3 Little Pigs, The2
Scotton, RobLove, Splat (Splat the Cat)2
Selsam, MillicentHow Kittens Grow1
Sendak, MauriceChicken Soup with Rice2
Sendak, MauriceWhere the Wild Things are1
Seuling, BarbaraWhere's That Chick?1
Sewell, A.Black Beauty (Step into Classics)2
Sexton, ColleenBunnies (Blastoff! Readers: Watch Animals Grow)1
Sexton, ColleenDucklings (Blastoff! Readers: Watch Animals Grow)1
Sexton, ColleenPuppies (Blastoff! Readers: Watch Animals Grow)2
Seymour, Flora WarrenSacagawea: American Pathfinder (Childhood of Famous mericans1
Shannon, DavidNo, David!1
Shannon, DavidRain Came Down, The1
Shannon, GeorgeLizard's Song1
Shapiro, KarenButterflies1
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanMitchell is Moving2
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanMooch the Messy1
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great15
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Lost List9
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Missing Key1
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Monster Mess2
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Musical Note10
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Phony Clue11
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Sticky Case10
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Stolen Base8
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great and the Tardy Tortoise2
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great Goes Undercover3
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great Stalks Stupidweed4
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanNate the Great, San Francisco Detective11
Sharmat, Marjorie WeinmanScarlet Monster Lives Here1
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman & Simont, MarcNate The Great And The Halloween Hunt1
Shaw, JanetMeet Kaya (American Girls Collection)1
Shefelbine, JohnFun with Zip and Zap (Phonics chapter book)4
Shefelbine, JohnI am Sam14
Shefelbine, JohnLot of Hats, A (Phonics Chapter Books)9
Shub, ElizabethWhite Stallion3
Sievert, TerriDirt Bike History (Edge Books)2
Silverman, EricaCowgirl Kate and Cocoa7
Silverman, EricaCowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Partners5
Silverstein, ShelGiving Tree, The5
Simon, SeymourCats (Smithsonian)1
Simon, SeymourDogs (Smithsonian)1
Simon, SeymourOur Solar System1
Simon, SeymourSpiders (Smithsonian)1
Simon, SeymourWolves (Smithsonian)1
Slater, TeddyN-O Spells No1
Small, DavidImogene's Antlers1
Smith, AnnetteLooking Down (Rigby PM Collection: PM Starters Two)1
Sommer-Bodenburg, AngelaIf You Want to Scare Yourself1
Springer, NancyCase of the Missing Marquess, The: An Enola Holmes Mystery1
St. Pierre, Stephanie & Ulrich, GeorgeJungle Trek (Rugrats)1
Stadler, AlexanderJulian Rodriguez1
Stadler, JohnReady, Set, Go! (I Can Read Book 1)1
Stamper, Judith BauerDinosaur Detectives (The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book 9)2
Stamper, Judith BauerFive Haunted Houses1
Stamper, Judith BauerPolar Bear Patrol (The Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 13)1
Stamper, Judith BauerVolcanoes (Smart Words Reader)3
Stamper, Judith BauerVoyage to the Volcano1
Stanley, George E.Clue of the Left-Handed Envelope, The (Third Grade Detectives #1)1
Stanley, George E.Cobweb Confession, The (Third-Grade Detectives)1
Steig, WilliamBrave Irene1
Steig, WilliamSylvester and the Magic Pebble1
Stein, ErinTotally Spies! Time Spies When You're Having Fun!1
Stein, H. William & MeganShortest Sheriff in the West, The1
Stern, A. J.Doggy Day Care (Frankly, Frannie)1
Stevens, Janet and Crummel, Susan StevensCook-a-Doodle-Doo!1
Stevens, Janet and Crummel, Susan StevensJackalope1
Stevenson, Robert LouisKidnapped (Illustrated Classic Editions)2
Steward, SarahGardener, The2
Stewart, GailMustangs and Wild Horses (Learning about Horses)1
Stewart, MelissaDeadliest Animals (National Geographic Readers)1
Stewart, MelissaSnakes! (National Geographic Readers, Level 2)3
Stewart, SarahLibrary, The1
Stiefel, ChanaForces Of Nature (The 'Weather Channel)1
Stilton, GeronimoCheese-Colored Camper, A (Geronimo Stilton, No. 16)3
Stilton, GeronimoChristmas Toy Factory, The (Geronimo Stilton, No. 27)2
Stilton, GeronimoGeronimo Stilton, Fabumouse School Adventure, A5
Stilton, GeronimoI'm Too Fond of My Fur3
Stilton, GeronimoKingdom of Fantasy1
Stilton, GeronimoPeculiar Pumpkin Thief, The (Geronimo Stilton, No. 42)2
Stilton, GeronimoPhantom of the Subway, The (Geronimo Stilton, No. 13)4
Stilton, GeronimoRace Across America, The1
Stilton, GeronimoRed Pizzas for a Blue Count5
Stilton, GeronimoSinging Sensation7
Stilton, GeronimoWatch Your Whiskers, Stilton! (Geronimo Stilton, No. 17)3
Stilton, TheaThea Stilton and the Ghost of the Shipwreck (Geronimo Stilton Special Edition)2
Stine, Megan & Stine, H. WilliamSuper Susan1
Stine, R. L.Calling All Birdbrains (Rotten School #15)1
Stine, R. L.Ghost Camp (Goosebumps Series)1
Stine, R. L.Goosebumps: The Girl Who Cried Monster1
Stine, R. L.Little Shop Of Hamsters (Goosebumps Horrorland)2
Stine, R. L.Night of the Living Dummy III (Goosebumps, No 40)1
Stine, R. L.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder (Goosebumps Series)1
Stine, R. L.Say Cheese And Die--Again! (Goosebumps No. 44)2
Stine, R. L.Welcome to Camp Nightmare (Goosebumps Series)7
Stine, R. L.Who's Your Mummy? (Goosebumps Horrorland, No. 6)1
Stine, R.L.Goosebumps: Horrorland #91
Stone, LynnCreepy Crawly Cockroaches1
Stone, RexAttack of the Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaur Cove #1)5
Storey, JimLazy Jackal, The3
Stott, CaroleObserving the Sky (Exploring the Universe)1
Sutcliffe, JaneBarak Obama1
Sutherland, Tui T.Oh No, Newf! (Pet Trouble)1
Swallow, Pamela CurtisGroundhog Gets a Say1
Swan, SusanTwelve Days of Christmas, The1
Sykes, JulieLittle Tiger's Big Surprise!1
Szekeres, CyndyMouse Mess, A (Cyndy Szekeres' Tiny Paw Library)1
Szymanski, LoisPerfect Pony, A2
Taylor-Butler, ChrisitineAmphibians A True Book2
Teague, MarkFrog Medicine1
Teague, MarkLost and Found1
Teague, MarkPigsty1
Teckentrup, BrittaBig Smelly Bear3
Teitelbaum, MichaelThe Boy Who Didn't Believe in Christmas: Santa Claus, the Movie (Santa Claus : the Movie)1
Telgemeier, RainaSmile1
Tennapel, DougBad Island1
Thaler, MikeApril Fools' Day from the Black Lagoon16
Thaler, MikeArt Teacher from the Black Lagoon, The1
Thaler, MikeBack-to-School Fright from the Black Lagoon, The14
Thaler, MikeBook Report from the Black Lagoon, The12
Thaler, MikeBully from the Black Lagoon, The4
Thaler, MikeChristmas Party from the Black Lagoon, The2
Thaler, MikeClass Election from the Black Lagoon, The2
Thaler, MikeClass from the Black Lagoon, The2
Thaler, MikeClass Pet from the Black Lagoon, The2
Thaler, MikeClass Trip from the Black Lagoon, The45
Thaler, MikeComputer Teacher from the Black Lagoon, The2
Thaler, MikeDentist from the Black Lagoon, The1
Thaler, MikeField Day from the Black Lagoon, The (Black Lagoon Adventures, No. 6)1
Thaler, MikeHalloween Party from the Black Lagoon, The18
Thaler, MikeHippopotomus Ate the Teacher1
Thaler, MikeLibrarian from the Black Lagoon3
Thaler, MikeLittle League Team from the Black Lagoon, The30
Thaler, MikeNew Kid from the Black Lagoon, The2
Thaler, MikeNew Year's Eve Sleepover from the Black Lagoon, The12
Thaler, MikePrincipal from the Black Lagoon3
Thaler, MikePuppet Club, The (Phonics chapter book)11
Thaler, MikeSchool Carnival from the Black Lagoon, The19
Thaler, MikeSchool Play From The Black Lagoon, The7
Thaler, MikeSchool Secretary from the Black Lagoon, The4
Thaler, MikeScience Fair from the Black Lagoon, The24
Thaler, MikeSnow Day from the Black Lagoon, The35
Thaler, MikeSpring Dance from the Black Lagoon, The21
Thaler, MikeSt. Patrick's Day From The Black Lagoon17
Thaler, MikeSummer Vacation from the Black Lagoon20
Thaler, MikeTalent Show from the Black Lagoon, The35
Thaler, MikeTeacher from the Black Lagoon8
Thaler, MikeThanksgiving Day from the Black Lagoon, The40
Thaler, MikeValentine's Day from the Black Lagoon (Black Lagoon Adventures, No. 8)12
Thaler, MikeVice Principal from the Black Lagoon, The1
Thayer, JanePuppy Who Wanted a Boy, The1
Thomas, JimStar Wars Luke's Fate (Step into Reading, Step 3)1
Thorpe, KikiShowdown at Camp Wannaweep (Disney's Kim Possible)1
Tildes, Phyllis LimbacherAnimals in Camouflage1
TLC, The Learning ChannelInternational Space Station1
Towle, WendyReal McCoy-Life of an American Inventor, The1
Tripp, ValerieMeet Kit: An American Girl 1934 (The American Girls Collection, Book 1)1
Tripp, ValerieThank You, Logan!1
Tross, Helen & Lloyd, JuliFrog and the Fly, The, Touchphonics Vol 1, set 6, book 21
Trueit, Trudi StrainTurtles (A True Book)1
Tuchman, GailStan Spun Fast (Scholastic At-Home Phonics Reading Program)1
Turnbull, StephanieVolcanoes (Usborne Beginners)1
Turner, AnnDust for Dinner3
Twist, ClintDeadly Creatures Dictionary2
unknownWild Animals (unsure of full title)1
Van Buskirk, SteveFabulous Dinosaurs Pop-Up Book2
Van Draanen, WendelinShredderman: Attack of the Tagger1
Van Draanen, WendelinShredderman: Secret Identity2
Van Dusen, ChrisCamping Spree with Mr. Magee1
Van Leeuwen, JeanTales of Amanda Pig1
Van Leeuwen, JeanTales of Oliver Pig1
Velthuijs, MaxFrog in Love1
Venino, SuzanneAmazing Animal Groups1
Verne, Jules20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1
Victor HugoHunchback of Notre Dame, The Great Illustrated Classics1
Vieira, LindaEver-Living Tree: The Life and Times of a Coast Redwood, The1
Viorst, JudithAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day6
Waber, BernardAnteater Named Arthur, An1
Wallace, BillBackward Bird Dog, The1
Wallace, BillPick of the Litter1
Wallace, BillWatchdog and the Coyotes1
Wallace, Carol & Wallace, BillMeanest Hound Around, The1
Walt DisneyWalt Disney's Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole - A Lift-the-Flap Rebus Book1
Walt Disney ProductionsDonald Duck & the Magic Mailbox1
Walt Disney ProductionsDonald Duck's Tallest Tale2
Walt Disney ProductionsLittle Mermaid Storybook Treasury, The1
Walt Disney ProductionsPluto the Detective1
Walt Disney ProductionsPooh's New Clothes1
Walt Disney Productions & McCabe, Mary CareyPluto and the Big Race1
Ward, HelenHare and the Tortoise1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerBicycle Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #15)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerBlue Bay Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #6)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerBoxcar Children, The2
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerCaboose Mystery (Boxcar Children #11)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerDinosaur Mystery, The (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #44)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerMystery on Blizzard Mountain, The (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #86)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerSurprise Island (Boxcar Children)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerWoodshed Mystery, The (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #7)1
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerYellow House Mystery, The (Boxcar Children #3)1
Waters, KateEarth in Danger4
Waters, KateFires and Floods (Growing Reader, Level 3)4
Waters, KateHurricanes and Tornadoes6
Waters, KateMonarch Butterflies3
Waters, KateOcean Giants (Scholastic Reader Level 3)2
Waters, KatePenguins2
Watson, PaulineDays with Daddy1
Watson, WendyTales for a Winter's Eve1
Watts, BarrieSpider's Web (Stopwatch Books)1
Webb, HollyAlfie All Alone1
Webb, HollySam the Stolen Puppy3
Webb, HollySky the Unwanted Kitten1
Webber, ToniCaring For My Horse (Me and My Horse)1
Webber, ToniLearning to Ride (Me & My Horse)1
Weinberger, KimberlyLet's Read About . . . George Washington (Scholastic First Biographies)4
Weinberger, KimberlyLucky's Big Week1
Wells, RosemaryGerm Busters, The1
Wells, RosemaryMcDuff Moves In1
Wells, RosemaryYoko1
Welsh, Sheila KellyLittle Prince Know It All1
West, TraceyAttack of the Prehistoric Pokemon1
West, TraceyDreamer (Movie Reader, Scholastic)1
West, TraceyPixie Tricks #01: Sprite's Secret1
West, TraceyScooby Doo and You: Case of the Bigfoot Beast, The1
West, TraceySporty Sprite (Pixie Tricks, No. 6)1
Wetherington, LarryPersonal Family Stories1
Wexo, John BonnettAnimal Babies 2 (Zoobooks Series)1
Wexo, John BonnettBats (Zoobooks Series)2
Wexo, John BonnettEndangered Animals (Zoobooks Series)1
Wexo, John BonnettGiraffes (Zoobooks)1
Wexo, John BonnettOrangutans (Zoobooks)2
Wexo, John BonnettParrots (Zoobooks Series)1
Wexo, John BonnettRhinos (Zoobooks Series)2
Wexo, John BonnettSeabirds (Zoobooks)1
Wexo, John BonnettWolves (Zoobooks Series)1
Wexo, John Bonnett & Wood, Linda CZebras (Zoobooks)2
Whelan, GloriaNight of the Full Moon2
Whelan, GloriaSilver1
White, E. B.Charlotte's Web11
White, E. B.Stuart Little1
White, LindaToo Many Pumpkins1
White, NancyButterfly Battle (The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #16)4
White, NancyWhy Do Cats Do That?1
Whitehill, SimchaPokemon: Triple Trouble1
Wick, WalterCan You See What I See?: Once Upon a Time: Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve1
Wilder, Laura IngallsBy the Shores of Silver Lake2
Wilder, Laura IngallsFarmer Boy4
Wilder, Laura IngallsFirst Four Years, The2
Wilder, Laura IngallsGoing West (My First Little House Books)1
Wilder, Laura IngallsLaura's Pa2
Wilder, Laura IngallsLittle House in the Big Woods2
Wilder, Laura IngallsLittle House on the Prairie5
Wilder, Laura IngallsLittle Prairie House, A (My First Little House Books)1
Wilder, Laura IngallsOn the Banks of Plum Creek2
Wilder, Laura IngallsSchool Days2
Wilder, Laura IngallsThese Happy Golden Years1
Wilder, Laura Ingalls & Graef, ReneeAnimal Adventures (Little House Chapter Books)4
Wilder, Laura Ingalls & Graef, ReneePioneer Sisters1
Wilder, Laura Ingalls & Graef, ReneeSchool Days (Little House Chapter Books)2
Wildsmith, BrianSquirrels1
Wilhelm, HansI Lost My Tooth!1
Willems, MoKnuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity2
Willems, MoKnuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale2
Williams, MargeryVelveteen Rabbit, The1
Willson, SarahMy Trip to Atlantis: By SpongeBob SquarePants1
Willson, SarahTommy Catches a Cold (Rugrats)1
Willson, Sarah & Cassity, DonTricked For Treats!: A Rugrats Halloween1
Willson, Sarah & Goldberg, BarryRugrats and the Zombies, The3
Wing, NatashaNight Before Valentine's Day, The2
Winters, KayHow Will the Easter Bunny Know?2
Winthrop, ElizabethBattle for the Castle1
Winthrop, ElizabethCastle in the Attic, The3
Wise, WilliamChristopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler1
Wojciechowski, SusanBeany Goes to Camp1
Wolff, AshleyWhen Lucy Goes Out Walking: A Puppy's First Year1
Wood, A. J.Creepy Castle2
Wood, A. J. and Pledger, MauriceOn the Mountain: A Touch-and-Feel Adventure (A Nature Trail Book)1
Wood, Aubrey & DonKing Bidgood's in the Bathtub3
Wood, DouglasWhat Dads Can't Do1
Wood, LilyBats (Scholastic Reader Level 1)1
Wood, LilySkeletons1
Woodward, KayGolden Compass, The: Lyra's world1
Wrede, Patricia C.Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace1
Wright, BobChocolate Machine Mystery, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series)1
Wright, BobEl Misterio de las Tortugas Siamesas / The Siamese Turtle Mystery1
Wright, BobEl Robo de la Moneda de Oro / Golden Coin Robbery, The1
Wright, BobFalling Star Mystery, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery)3
Wright, BobFlying Wheel Mystery, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series)1
Wright, BobLa Corona De La Momia / The Mummy's Crown1
Wright, BobMan with the Red Hair, The3
Wright, BobMummy's Crown, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery)4
Wright, BobRed Hot Rod, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series 1)3
Wright, BobSecret Staircase, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series 1)4
Wright, BobSiamese Turtle Mystery, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery)1
Wright, BobSilver Buckle Mystery, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series 2)3
Wright, BobThief in the Brown Van, The3
Wright, BobTree House Mystery, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series)5
Wright, BobVideo Game Spy, The (Tom and Ricky Mystery Series 1)2
Wright, BobVoice in the Night, A (Tom & Ricky Mystery 3 Series)3
Wyndham, RyderStar Wars Galactic Crisis!1
Yolen, JaneCommander Toad and the Big Black Hole1
Yolen, JaneCommander Toad and the Intergalactic Spy1
Yolen, JaneSleeping Ugly2
Young, EdLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China1
Young, JamesCows are in the Corn, The2
Zahares, WadeBig, Bad, and a Little Bit Scary: Poems that Bite Back1
Zelinsky, PaulRumpelstiltskin1
Ziefert, HarrietNew Coat for Anna,A1
Zim, HerbertBirds (A Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press)2
Zion, GeneHarry & the Lady Next Door1
Zoehfeld, KathleenPenguins (Scholastic Science Readers, Level 1)1
Zolotow, CharlotteBunny Who Found Easter, The2
Zolotow, Charlotte & Sendak, MauriceMr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present1
ZoobooksHippos (Zoobooks Series)2
Zullo, AllanHaunted Schools: True Ghost Stories1

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