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Brainy Groveland exists to promote education in Groveland, California and surrounding communities. We do this primarily through in­cen­tive programs in math and reading at the grade school level.


===== 2015-2016 =====
The reading program for 2015-2016 is improved in several ways, with more of a two way-street between mentors presenting interesting book and students talking about what they have read. Unfortunately, we no longer have good statistics to report. Ask a third grader, parent, or teacher and see what they have to say!

===== 2014-2015 =====
Statistics for 2014-2015 are below.

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We have a whole page of additional [[ReadingStats Reading Program statistics]].

Our math efforts focus on 4th grade. We reinforce basic math facts while the teacher pushes on with the conceptual side of math. Modern devices have reduced the need for hand calculations, but it will always be worth learning math facts. It is quicker to know what 4 times 6 is than to ask your phone.

Incentives include small payments for participation and passing tests, and an occasional drawing for one or more Android tablets.

For those who want to practice these things, there are many good apps out there for all devices. If you are in one of our classes and have an Android device, you can get the same software we use in the classroom from the GetTheApp page.

{{bgstatsauto startd="2016-09-01"}}

There is a little more detail on the MathStats page.

====Related Articles: ====

[[ Financial Incentives and Student Achievement:
Evidence from Randomized Trials]] One of the most-referenced journal articles about educational incentives, by Roland Fryer

The June 9, 2012 article [[ The Freakonomics Economist Discovered the Right Way to Bribe Students]] describes a study of what sort of incentives work best for students.

Time Magazine's April 8, 2010 issue has [[ an article]] about the effects of paying students for per­form­ance. It is worth a careful reading, as some approaches work better than others. It is gratifying to see that the most effective program was the one most like Brainy Groveland's reading program.

Another Time article, April 3, 2012 talks about the [[,9171,2122757,00.html importance of 3rd grade reading]]. You can get a taste from the link, but the full arti­cle is reserved for subscribers.

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