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STAR test official site

Questions from CA STAR tests

California suggested reading lists.

Reading Levels

Rigby/Harcourt Achieve Large PDF list of books with levels. Pages i and v are interesting as a list of commonly-requested reading level systems.
Carol Hurst. A large list of books, organized by grade level. Includes grade level and their subjective level of recommendation, but no information on how the book levels are determined.
Hoagies' Gifted Education has a detailed discussion of many ways of setting grade levels.
A list of books with letter and decimal levels. Mentions Gay Sue Pinnell and Irene Fountas as a source of leveling information.
Proactive Parent list of recommended books by the author of a book for parents of slow readers.
Teachers First list of recommended books by grade level.
Scholastic Book Wizard A searchable database of books with level information. This may be our best reference for quick access to many books.
Edit Central has an interesting applet which calculates level indexes based on supplied text. They also have a word usage error on their first page :).
A to Z Teacher Stuff has a database of books with "Guided Reading" and "Reading Recovery" levels.
Scholastic Reading counts
A guide to some level databases and methods for finding SMOG and Fry's levels.
Yet another site with leveling information. The list there is not the same as many of the others (a good thing).


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