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Brainy Groveland Math Program Statistics

as of December 16, 2017
Students participating128
Unique Topics or Levels21
Topic Study Sessions2078
Tests Passed272
Dollars Paid$2338
Volunteers participating20
Volunteer Hours219
Student Visits2067
Topic List to Date
Addition to 10 + 10
Addition with sums up to 20
Multiplication to 2s
Multiplication to 3s
Multiplication to 4s
Multiplication to 5s
Multiplication to 6s
Multiplication to 7s
Multiplication to 8s
Multiplication to 9s
Multiplication to 10s
Multiplication to 11s
Multiplication to 12s
Word Problems Set D
Word Problems Set C
Subtraction to 10 - 9
Subtraction to 20 - 10
Review Multiplication to 12s
Word Problems Set B
Word Problems Set A
Remember, these students are doing more advanced math in their classes.
Our purpose here is to review the basics. What "sight words" are to reading,
these things are to math.

From the 2012-2013 school year:

Brainy Groveland Khan Rewards Program Statistics

Students participating37
Unique Topics Completed187
Topics Completed1595
Dollars Paid$3140
Next Reward Day$0

Just 2016-2017 stats
Just 2015-2016 stats
Just 2014-2015 stats
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