The first program of BrainyGroveland is designed to encourage reading among elementary students. It is inspired, in part, by the Earning by Learning program, as implemented in Dallas, TX. Our program will be different, recognizing that our community is different. What we have in common is that (as in most places) many students could benefit simply by reading more, and by learning to enjoy it.

Brainy Groveland - Sha'nece

A successful pilot program tested the concept in April and May of 2009.

For the 2011-2012 school year we now have these details:

Current Information

Program Brochure (Word format, .doc)
Form for Student Sessions (PDF format, .pdf)


Program Statistics


Reading Volunteer Page
Reading Volunteer Outline

2009-2010 Session Notes

Spring 2009 Session Notes


Other - Old Front Page Messages, for Example

Planning and Ideas

Reading Plan Ideas and Issues
Ideas for a new set of volunteer/student paperwork
ReadingQuestions Released questions from California STAR testing, for reference.
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