Step 1: Record participation dollars given here:

Note: please use the date when the students participated.
Sorry, only authorized volunteers may enter math data.

Step 2: Sync and update the tablets:

To record test results, you must make two passes through the set of tablets used for testing. On the first pass, select "Sync Test Results". On the second pass, select "Update Students". It is essential that you complete the first pass before beginning the second. Hey - at least there's no typing.

Step 3: Print one copy for the teacher


Step 4: Print one copy per volunteer, and a spare:


Monthly or Optional Reports

Monthly report information:
MathMonthlyAuto - A year-to-date summary of math payments to students, used in the monthly reports.

Optional analysis
WeekByWeek - tests passed in each session this year.
SpeedStats - this is for understanding how test time limits affect the students.
PublicStatsAuto - This is simply a copy of the simple stats from the front page of the site.

Historical Data

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